Started by Kami675, Jan 03, 2013, 01:12 AM

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Hello everyone, today I would like to report a server that is copywriting another server COMPLETELY SurplusRO who has released December 26,2012 much later than the server I am playing now if you would like to see the server that they are copywriting from you can message me or email me and i will tell you but they stole ALL of the servers items and website template. They need to learn how to create things for themselves and not steal things from others they wont get anywhere in life from stealing. But, this message is just to inform you all that this server does not make or get their items legitly they steal them from our server and join our server and advertise to steal players even though the players dont stay at SurplusRO they usually come back but still it is a irritation that wont stop

Thanks for Reading,


If you are one of those 10/100 reviewer I have already written to you on what are the steps you should take.

"In case of stealing or copying work, the right approach is to contact the server first and if the server will not co-operation you take it to their host or send a DMCA letter to their host.

Our site review is limited to game-play and any matter unrelated to the server's game-play will be removed.  We are not the RO police and will not have the authority to stop the crime."

^ By that ... I'll have to use this to the rant section since this is a report we have no power to handle unfortunately.

By the way, no picture? no link? We wouldn't know who is the victim at all, make your case clear if you like.


I heard about the complains between roelements and surplusro. I somehow find roelements surprising funny to post such a fake reportshere, surplus ro showed official receipt screenies of the purchased website and have verified dmca tag. Wherest, ro elements showed nothing. no prove of it at all. If dmca report were to be launched, im guessing surplus ro might have the lead ? I'm not byers or anything. i tried both server. they are unique in their own way, but somehow i preferably would like to see some prove. rather then a bad mouthing on official rms like this. is rather retard /swt

With love