the biggest reason not to join talonRO!

Started by Thoth, Jun 08, 2013, 01:58 AM

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Quote from: Cawliflower on Jun 09, 2013, 09:55 PM
You're totally off-topic. I was trying to steer this horse back into a lighter direction.

So, let's talk about the biggest reasons to play TalonRO!

But that would be off topic. This thread is clearly about GTB.


I would of liked to held off from posting on talonRO server topics given that I am writing a review up on about it, but there is this recurring theme which keeps bugging me and its always to do with the donation. Talonro is being accused of being money grubbing whore without any evidence of how the donation money is being spent so all of this is speculations which makes suspect at best.

Then you have the "donations" model, which a lot of people dislike given the fact you can donate for a talon coin currency which lets you buy items at a fixed price.  To me this seems perfectly sensible model of business you donate for a currency and spend it in game, many of other games have adapted this approach to Micro transactions such as Team fortress 2, League of legends and warframe. This whole business model is set up around the concept of time vs money simply summarized to if you have money you are going to buy x item if you have a lot of time you are going to spend that time to get x item.

Now I know I might catch some backlash for that comment and rightly so is most cases TalonRO isn't most cases with the introduction of talon coin. Without the talon coin the only other way a person could obtain x item in ro would be to farm for an ungodly amount of time (Lets use GTB card for example) however with the introduction of talon coin what is allowed to happen is that instead of farming for the GTB card directly he can in directly farm it by raising funds to buy these talon coins from other players or obtain them in the varies other methods which he is able to which suddenly evens up the playing field an awful lot. You got money ? You'll buy the talon coins to buy the card. You got time ? You'll farm the money to buy talon coins to buy the card. Its an fundamentally an interesting system imo.

And because of all that GTB card is accessible to everyone it evens up Pvm a bit, makes pvp silly and in terms of WoE it doesn't matter. Unrestricited is f*** crazy and its banned in Vanilla WoE which is iirc what the majority of players play. unrestricted isn't all to popular.


Actually this thread is about wether or not TalonRO changed MvP Cards so you donate and the dislike of the OP how they didn't tweak GTB... more like both topics are home here.

Quote from: RoseTea on Jun 09, 2013, 05:43 PM
Given you quoted me before saying this, I guess it was in response to me.  I never said GTB is overpowered, I just said it was a blatant class-nullifier.  If we're going to go figure out if it's overpowered/imbalanced/whatever, we need to look at how much effort a GTB card is to execute versus how much is needed to overcome it, which is something probably best reserved for another thread.  And no, availability isn't a direct factor in its im/balance, but it does exaggerate it.

Were the other MVP cards changed in TalonRO because they were overpowered?

Most of the card changes are still from AnimaRO, why they were changed to what they are back then you'd have to ask Debbie I guess.

However I do recall one huge change that was done after TalonRO became what it is now: That is the MayaP Card. It was a huge topic in our forum and a lot of people complained about it, so it was changed to making you immobile while using it. It was changed because the Community wished for it. A lot of cards received a boost because they were absolutely outdated (Moonlight Flower, Osiris, ...), some had to be tweaked because they were overpowered. (But someone else had already explained this very well before.)

Regarding the discussion of GTBs brokeness we already had enough examples pointing out what you sacrifice for using it and how it can be by-passed easily...

QuoteAnd because of all that GTB card is accessible to everyone it evens up Pvm a bit, makes pvp silly and in terms of WoE it doesn't matter. Unrestricited is f*** crazy and its banned in Vanilla WoE which is iirc what the majority of players play. unrestricted isn't all to popular.


Midori, you're trying to tell us that people play TalonRO because of the unrestricted WoE?


I think it's more because of the restricted one after reading that post.
QuoteVanilla WoE which is iirc what the majority of players play


2013 and still talking about how OP GTB is.

I think this game has never been for you from the start if you still have that mindset.


Serious, I gave it another extra day to see if this would drive into the right direction and really though it was going but peeps can't do it. It's just2hard4somes ;(

Gonna lock this and this time I will wall of text the reasons:

- someone that says that does NOT cares is still posting here showing that cares and at same time complains about xyz stuff
- someone asks to warn someone about criticizing people but then *cough* criticizes the others *cough*
- too many flamers about the same old stuff. Yo, there are more servers, stop hitting the "old people". Damn this kids this days!!
- people criticize the same old stuff. It's 2013, grow up guys. We already know it, no need to make us remember it.
- people love to give "free publicity" to TalonRO. Serious, publicity me instead, you can start with "Triper is really awesome! For real!" being added to your sig!

PS - I won't name people BUT some will think that it was XYZ person and call it a win, others will think that it's because of their actions and go "wtf?!" while others will think that it's XYZ person based on what people can read here. Guess what - some totally are, some totally aren't! trololololol *goes out making pretty much no sense without nobody noticing it*