Started by Benhk7, Apr 02, 2017, 01:35 AM

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Hello Ragnarok Community,

This is a warning to new/current players that are interested in looking to join/play a fresh mid-rate server.  /omg Do NOT join a mid-rate server called AbraRO released March 25, 2017 Don't be fooled by the reviews. The new players that joined that server don't know the history. Here is why...

1. The GM of AbraRO mid-rate server GM Abra aka GM Brook, abandoned his previous fresh low-rate server called AspenRO. This is unheard of and absolutely unacceptable. Here is the link to his previous low-rate server opened not too long ago early this year.  http://aspen-ro.com/ The GM immediately deactivated his low-rate site after I posted this review.

2. Greedy GM that likes to make money off the players

3. GM Abra aka GM Brook, also is not active (He says he is, but is bunch of lies) and does not reply to the player's @request messages, in forums and messages.

Your money/time invested will be wasted if you join AbraRO. You have been warned.  /x


 /? Are you on drugs? We are being claimed of many other servers so yeah another one. You haven't been on our server, we updated every day go check the forums, we reply faster than a mood swing.   /no1

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Peace out :)


Whoever you are..stop trying to give out false/scam information out to innocent people, it ain't working. I'm assuming you're GM Abra aka GM Brook. I give you this much, you got the ballz to promote your server by posting a link to your mid rate server site after abandoning your previous low rate server. Are you on drugs?  /heh What a typical childish uneducated response by a 3 year old. You might want to re-check yourself and ask that question to yourself in the mirror, you clearly don't know anything period. Have you played on AspenRO? Yea, that is what I thought. If you did, you would know what I'm talking about. Oh and if you happen to be GM Brook hiding behind that comp and trying to defend your server by responding gtfo, cause you clearly know what you did was wrong and disappointed all the players on your previous fresh low rate server AspenRO by leaving. Abandoning your previous fresh low rate server and leaving all the players behind that worked hard leveling/donated money to help run your server and you run off and make a new server? Wtf man, really gtfo. 

So....GM Abra aka GM Brook decides to shut down his low rate server site after I post this. Odd isn't? Stop your b**** and admit what you did was wrong.

Here is the link to his low rate server site which he opened not too long ago: http://aspen-ro.com/

Let's see if you got anything to say to this you coward.



Easy enough to check.

It's not definitive evidence and could be a coincidence of course, but eh.


There you go. Enough said. Don't be fooled by the reviews. GM Abra = GM Brook.

Fake azz busta is what he is.


Gee. I wonder who could be behind this server. It has the same files of the ONCE I've played before.....




We don't owe any explanation to you, we are more focus on server's update :)  /no1 try the server today :) http://www.abra-ro.com See it yourself and see if this person's all talk is true about us being inactive and no updates :) read changelog http://www.abra-ro.com/forum  IP posted above? A lot of RO servers uses the same company of hosting domain. That's a Domain IP lol not server's IP.  If you have the same domain company you'll have the same IP, maybe learn more? #YouNeverStrikeMyNerves :)

PS: This would be my very last reply to this and if more post :)


Without sharing data on my end which has the whole story, I'll just look around and point out some public information.

These formatting and images do look similar isn't it?  I hope they won't get a new edit date after my post.




I was looking into this and the server already has too many red flags. Sad, but Ben is correct.
If you also click on the server forum links that yC has provided, you can also see that both
Abracadabra/GM Brook are the same person because their forum status ranks are the same "Morroc Trader".


The rank is based on the number of posts they made in the forum, not related to anything.


I mean at least cancel your hosting plan and buy a new separate one if you're trying to hide the fact that it's the same team.

I enjoy trainwrecks like these:

The exclamation marks ruin the URL embed in RMS so just copy paste them.

And lastly, really? Unheard of? So many servers do this sort of thing it's hilarious. It's a big part of why the RO community gets such a bad reputation.
Check the Hall of Shame. Most people documented in there opened a new server every couple of months.


We already know that the server is bad news  /ok


Whelp, I spent 3 days there and thought it was good. But then they implemented AHKs because of "demands" from WoE players and that was sort of a red flag for me. Now this. @.@


Yes, well I played on all these servers and frankly I don't care if it is Yrvine/Brook or whoever is behind it. Let me be clear on each one of these including Abra I found real entertainment. They were running a much closer emulator to pre-renewal as the custom Rathena one, which is based mainly on Renewal and have barely knowledge about pre-renewal. They even did change some core functions which ethical wasn't correct. You stay away with your dirty fingers changing a game already finished. It is no problem to give a server owner a choice but you just don't change core functions.
Rathena is an unethical emulator concerning Pre-Renewal, if I can avoid it, I will for sure.
If he tries again after this one I will probably be on his server again just because it is so much closer to pre-renewal and so much more fun to play. No hard delays, no renewal boosted t MVP's. Whatever he runs it is far superior above Rathena if it comes to Pre-Renewal.

Is he there for the bucks only? No, I don't think so. If I hire someone to do a job for me I pay average 80$ an hour. Something Streetlife losers can't even imagine. Don't play a game if you don't have $. Search a job develop yourself IRL first. OR just be grateful you may play some for free. A server does cost money, developing cost time. Time is money. This guy deserved any penny I gave him, though we have arguments about it. I am sure he has interest to balance things but he made himself a prisoner of the current 3tpartyusers WOE scene with their ridiculous demands. He shouldn't. I would pay his server for 3 years to get rid of those crap players who pretend they are the competitive WOE scene but in fact most of them are a lazy bunch of cheaters who would be smashed all over the place in a real WOE without support of 3thpartytools or bots. No real WOE player would see a challenge in them, they are just cheaters. Say, I use AHK. I say you are a cheater and nothing else, just a lazy lousy cheater, with no skills at all because you are afraid of a real fight without hiding behind your programs. Win or loose isn't important, giving each other entertainment that is where it is about, you don't need 3thpartyprograms for it. That is only for cheaters, it always was. There is no 2k17 pre-renewal, it stopped long time before that.
Possible he is milking this group mainly but they deserve it all. I had to leave because of allowing a 3thparty environment on the server. Openkore or AHK it doesn't matter much. They are all bots and cheaters by default. I would prefer Openkore above them even. PvM they sucked big deal except some hard workers, who should consider not to play on a server with those cheaters anyway. They are a virus scaring every legit player away and mainly responsible for killing Ro.


Server owner like this make other pvt server reputation gone bad..i hope others will know about this so they wont ve cheated