Started by Benhk7, Apr 02, 2017, 01:35 AM

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how are ya'll still ranting about yrvines servers? At this point, just donate some f*** money and play *****RO. At least your progress won't be lost.

If you want more, at least find a stable server to set up base and then branch out to other servers.

Also, if in 2k17 you still don't realize Yrvines servers are going to die within a few months, you're a lost cause to humanity. Well then again, it is the same retarded RO community that plays his servers again and again.

It's honestly sad to see RO in such a s*** state.


Quote from: spamboo on May 23, 2017, 05:49 PM
this is  out of topic i guess, but i would like to point that a server owner should not do all what the population says.
he must kinda think the pro's and con's before implementing anything or adding a new feature. because in this industry a single error can make the server die instantly.

that's all.

so i guess it was his mistake listening to the population.

no hate here. peace! :)

You are all correct, though I understand his choice also and for that matter it doesn't matter if he makes an error, they will come back to him because he can deliver it. Keep in mind that 3pp players, are in basic depending players.


New update brings you Robo Eyes [1] (+1 dex) lmao :D :D :D  spend some time here playing and farming and pvping, but after this update just npced all eq and quited... biggest bs... during woe  player cap 690 people, after that people can't connect either getting DS ... half server runs with afk fake merchants... population aint such how it shows...


Quote from: Malfis on Jun 04, 2017, 06:54 AM
New update brings you Robo Eyes [1] (+1 dex) lmao :D :D :D 

+3 all stat headgears coming soon in the next update
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I thought this server died already.


It's dying. Gm is so inactive. There's only 1 guild WOEing. And I'm pretty sure the 600+ population only has more or less 60 active players



lol every one of yrvine's servers has fake venders on some fake map
y is this not common knowledge yet


I tried the server for a few hours, and asked about WoE and got a response that it was dead. 600+ players and not a single player bging, hrmmmm. I mean, if you wanna fake your population count, at least make it believable.

Last server update was at the beginning of June, the GM stopped giving a f***, and is waiting for the server to completely kick the bucket, while raking in those sweet sweet donation bucks.


just wanna say less than a month is not a long time between updates.


Quote from: Yuzo on Jun 25, 2017, 07:57 AM
just wanna say less than a month is not a long time between updates.
Unless they get spoiled by weekly updates..


how is yrvine still not inducted in the wall of shame
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QuoteWe are under a huge maintenance due to a security reasons. We will be back. Stay tuned for further announcements.

Heh, it has said that for what, one week now?


Quote from: Evin on Jun 30, 2017, 01:08 PM
Heh, it has said that for what, one week now?

Think the website and game server is still available though, just no the forum.
But there is also no notification or explanation from the server owner on facebook or other social medias regarding this issue.
Dunno though if he has some sort of information popping up when you log into the game.


Heard some people started leaving. The forum still not back up yet. Is there even a mid-rate that's still alive? :/


I played AbraRO for a while when it started, never seen a party for abbey 3 actually going, I don't think there's anything else needed to be said about the overall quality of the server.

As for running midrates, EstlandRO is still up, and has been for a few years I belive, it doesn't have too many people playing, but as usual summer came and new people have started appearing.