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Started by Crazed, Oct 22, 2011, 01:47 PM

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Who reckon Most of the players on OsRO(OldSchoolRO)is JUST good at ygg spamming?

7 (87.5%)
1 (12.5%)
Seen Good Players
0 (0%)

Total Members Voted: 8


wells ive played on this server for 2weeks and abit n all ive seen are ygg spammers, i dont see any skills involved..

E.g: i love playing champion Class n ive only seen 2 good champs so far in the 2weeks n a bit that ive been playing..

ive seen so many champs on that server that only goes in for a asura then heals n repeats...

everytime i see a duel in a town... its just whos the better ygg spammer esp the assassins, all they do is buff them self with there skills then attk n spam ygg, whats the point in that ? in the end its just whos the better ygg spammer..

P.s: im not dissing the server or anything, just the players.


Voted yes 'for giggles' but when your able to just spam berries, it is kind of pointless. Why dont you suggest that the server uses a delay feature or deny them completely if its in WoE/etc?