Kings n Aces Design and Scripting

Started by KINGSandACES.designs, May 29, 2012, 05:30 AM

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About the designer:
I have worked with alot of servers as the head developer and designer, all of my co-workers suggested that I could sell my products. Through sheer professionalism, I will finish with the best in the time alotted.


Every pixel you'd call your own, nobody else in the world would have the same design as you.

♣ Website Design - $50(This includes the slices, the PSD and the JPGs.)

♥ 10 pcs. Loading Screens - $25(Every additional would be $5 each)

♦ Login Screen - $10

♠ Banner - $10($5 after first banner)
See banner at the start of topic

• Patcher - Depends on the design and the complexity.


• NPC Scripts(No making of maps) - $5

• Chain Scripts - $5 and $1 per additional NPC

Server-Starter Package - $50

• Contains the following:

   - 10pcs. Loading Screens
   - Login Screen
   - Banner
   - 3 Scripts

Payment Proceedings:

-Payment should only be in USD.
-For the payment, Paypal should be used.
-Payment must be received before the file, a preview will be shown before.
-Websites and the package need to have a downpayment of atleast $10.
-Purchases are final, except when turned down for personal reasons.


Mail or IM me using the details below

[email protected]

[email protected]

Contacting me might need a span of at least a day to be read.