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Author Topic: Super Design is Hiring Web-coder / Flash Animator / Designer  (Read 2886 times)

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Super design is hiring Web-coder / Flash Animator / Designer .

Why Super design is hiring?
Super design is hiring people because they are getting to many response from people about the service we provide them. unfortunately we are not fulfill their demand and request toward paid service. That why Super Design decided to hire more people Experienced and Freshers.

Web-coder must know:
AJAX- Basic minimum / Don`t know it`s okay
JAVA-Basic minimum / Don`t know it`s okay
J QUERY- Basic minimum / Don`t know it`s okay

Flash Animator must know:
Action Script 2
Action Script 3
Flash components / software

Designer must know:

We are also Giving chance to newbie to work with us and learn
we are also opening new service of web designing for non Ragnarok related and Ragnarok also

    *how to contact us?
    . Gmail  : [email protected]/[email protected]
    . Yahoo : [email protected]

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Re: Super Design is Hiring Web-coder / Flash Animator / Designer
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Thanks For approving my post.  /kis

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Re: Super Design is Hiring Web-coder / Flash Animator / Designer
« Reply #2 on: Sep 22, 2012, 04:24 am »
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Re: Super Design is Hiring Web-coder / Flash Animator / Designer
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You didn't find this on your last dispute http://forum.ratemyserver.net/paid-services/s-design-paid-website-graphics-services/msg148717/#msg148717 ?

But this isn't providing service, this is his hiring post.  Fine i'll lock this too.  He doesn't provide the work he promised so I doubt he need to hire anymore.