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Started by Squeez, Jul 07, 2011, 01:09 PM

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Current Status :- Available

Services Offered
  • Scripting Services (Anything related to eAthena and eAmod)
  • Adding Custom Items (Both server side and Client Side, price depends on amount)
  • Adding Custom Maps/Dungeon/Fields (You have to provide map files for adding the maps)
  • Designing Loading Screens, Patcher Skins , Splash Pages, Banners, Signatures.

Premade Samples :-
Thor Patcher Skin 1 New!

Loading Screen 1 Sold

Splash Page Sold

Past Server I have worked with :-

Payment Info :-
Payments are only accepted by Paypal
All purchases are non-refundable

Contact Info :-
Add me on MSN or Hit me a Email on [email protected]


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Bump~ Changed Status from Unavailable to Available!


Squeez is awsome. Been working with this developer for about 4 months now. Always great ideas, great scripter/programmer, he manages our Trans Rate server whole handedly (up to 175 members). Squeez knows what hes doing, hes been developing even before he we developed together in Cavalero, and i definetly vouch for this guy. Need something done, big or small, he is your guy. Hes worked with eAthena, eAmod, 3ceam, rAthena, and a little of brAthena. So he has a wide knowledgebase of scripting and server setup. Not to mention he helped me build Cavalero from the groudn up. Sql/Database, Client aswell as Serverside. So this guy knows his stuff.. if you need anymore info pm me a [email protected] or msn me.

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Squeez is cool its great working with him  /no1
Whenever u need anythings done just buzz him And he is ready to do it , He is clean in payment
I Would Like to work with him, Goodluck in future..