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Started by DaifukuDesigns, Aug 20, 2015, 04:06 PM

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please do not steal any of my graphics.

Hello, I am Daifuku and I love bears! (●^(エ)^●)
Seeing you here on my topic is a big honor to me.
I am specialized in animated banners, website designs, forum skins such as logos and signature designs.
If you attach importance to a clean, friendly and fast service you are just in the right place with Daifuku Designs.

I love to design things so I won't charge so much for my designs.
But I will charge extra if your request is more complex then expected or you want me to change things over and over again.
Visit the
FAQ Spoiler at the bottom of the page for pricelist please.
I only accept Paypal payment.

donate me one if you want to.
Click on the spoiler below!

If you have any question feel free to contact me.
I will gladly answer your questions and ensure your satisfaction by the end of our conversation. Just available through skype or forums.
Skype: daifukuservices
Website: In development

FAQ, Payment & Costs

FAQ, Payment & Costs
Customer: How much do you charge and do I need to pay first?
Daifuku Designs: No, you pay when I finished your request. I will also send you frequenty updates of every few steps. The best way to get these updates is through skype since I am online there almost 24/7.
This is a list that may vary depending on the complexety of your request.
- Animated Banner        [8$]
- Banner                 [3$]
- Logo                   [10$]
- Splash Page            [20$] Coded. (no playercount/registration integration for now!)
- Countdown Page         [20$] Coded.
- Patcher Skin           [15$] Coded.
- Login Screen           [5$]
- Loading Screen 5x      [10$]
- Facebook Cover/Profile [5/3$]
- Website Design         [100-200$] Coded. //depends on what you want and how often I have to re-do stuff.
- Signature              [5-10$] // I also do guild banners
- Exclusive Rights       [3-25$] (means I won't re-sell or publish this work to others)
Daifuku Designs: Prices may change without any further warnings. Also if you want something, not written on the list, just ask me for the price.

Customer: Do you have previews of a website or anything else?
Daifuku Designs: portfolio in progress

Customer: Can I pay with Western Union or anything else??
Daifuku Designs: I'm so sorry but I only take **PAYPAL** as payment method! >///<

Customer: Can I get freebies?
Daifuku Designs: Depends on the request! But if I don't give out something for free you can just ask me if it's possible to make a small discount.

Customer: Can I buy something that you made for another customer once?
Daifuku Designs: If the things you want are not marked with 'exclusive' yes.



Customer: Why did you call yourself Daifuku?
Daifuku Designs: Because I looooooooooooooooooooove them! They're so yummie, especially the Ichigo Daifukus! QAQ

Customer: Why are you sitting on a huge Ichigo Daifuku in a bear suit?
Daifuku Designs: You are not seriously asking why in a bear suit, aren't you u-u:? BEARS ARE GORGEOUS. Not sure why I am sitting on a giant Daifuku tho.

Customer: Did you draw the Daifuku yourself?
Daifuku Designs: I WISH I COULD DRAW LIKE THIS BUT I CANT TT_TT A great and super cute friend of mine did it.
She also takes comissions so make sure to check her out! ♥ www.lolipopu.com

Customer: You like emotes, don't you?
Daifuku Designs: ;___; I'm so sorry but this is me! If you can't handle emotes after each sentence and within sentences then you better not talk to me LOL


My english is not perfect. I apologize for every mistake I made!


Topic approved, not sure what you mean by the message you put at the top of your post.


Showcase Section
Deleted some old Graphics! Please be aware that I will upload more designs by time.
Open the spoiler to see my designs.

I don't have a lot to show off for now since I just started doing graphics again and I don't have my old files anymore #newcomputer o_o
ArionRO Banner big+small

heRO banner, made two of them!


eSperiaRO Logo

Naruto International/NiRO Logo

KitakitsRO Logo

EponaRO Logo

Daifu Banner

Preview of how Loadingscreens could look like

Preview of how Splashpages could look like

Preview of how Websites could look like

FB Cover Picture

Animated Banner /Premade

Animated Banner /Premade

Animated Banner /Premade

Crayon Slinger

Updated FAQ on specials for new policy and sanctions.  /lv


Customer: Can I get freebies?
Daifuku Designs: I'll take you to the special guy
walks over to black special guy
Special Guy: Let her have it!!! xD