Red Scripting Services[Status: Available]

Started by trann123, Mar 31, 2012, 03:49 AM

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Red Scripting Services

News: Hi! I'm done from my vacation! I'm now accepting Works! (Contract and Freelance) Just contact me :)

Services Offered:
Any kind of NPC Script
Event Scripts
Any Other Scripts Just Request
Website Designs (PSD)
Website Coding(HTML, Flux Integ)
Price Li$t

  • Normal Quest NPC : 1$
  • Chained Quest NPC : Depends for every step
  • Quest Shop NPC : Depends on Content
  • Custom/Host Defined NPC : will vary
  • Event Script : Starting price : 10$ minimum(if the coding is easy for me) and will increase varying on the
  • Website Template(PSD) : 25$
  • Website Coding(PSD to HTML) : 50$
  • Website Coding(PSD to Flux Integ) : 80$

Special Packages!

  • For server starters, All custom quests npc, 5-10 custom npc with custom functions you want, Common Event Scripts, etc.(just request) = 35$

About Me
I have been playing Ragnarok Online for 10 years now and scripting for about 4 years, I've worked with allot of servers including Genuine RO, Final RO, FOrtis RO,Cloud RO, and the list goes on. There have been highs and lows in my job, but still I stand here tall and pround ,standing my ground as a scripter. I've been a good ally to many and looking forward to be yours.

Events? contact me to see my custom events

Other Servers Worked With

  • Genuine RO
  • RO Legends
  • Daily RO
  • Ordovez RO
  • Mag-RO
  • Inferno RO
  • Elysium RO
  • Express RO
  • Zenith RO
  • Sapphire RO
  • Oxygen RO
  • Phantasm RO
  • Flash RO(Owned by EVps Hosting)
  • Anxiety RO
  • Novel RO
  • HeRO
  • Nirvana RO
  • Neutral RO
  • UndeadRO
  • And many more...

Contact Me
PM me here or in my Email
Email Address: [email protected](Replies within 12hrs)

I Accept payment thru Paypal and Western Union


Bump* Got sick for quite some time... But anyway, I'm back and ready to script again.


Very satisfied with his work, quick and a reliable guy! recommended!  /no1


Nice guy and very helpfull, he helped me when i needed him for some things on my server, heres my thumb up bro  /no1


nc bro :)  /no1  oh my god you are really talented :)


"Nice job, fast and reliable. Recommended"  /no1 /no1 /no1


Easy Ronnel haha too much enthusiasm again haha. Still available for scripting needs! :) /no1


this guy is fast and reliable keep up the good work  /no1


Good working with you. Fast and helpfull. good pricing too! thanks


Quote from: Armani on Apr 26, 2012, 12:54 AM
Good working with you. Fast and helpfull. good pricing too! thanks
Thanks bro :) just tell me when you want that Customized PVP system :D haha...
Still available for scripting need! :D just give me a buzz in YM or add me in facebook or MSN or email me :D


UPDATE: Added new service, Event scripting - I dont make new maps, just events and the functions. But still very creative and very good according to Elysium RO  /no1... I've made them the bumper event and the Counter Strike Bombsite style event. But he patented it so I can't sell it  /heh. But you can PM me for Events you have in mind. The pricing will vary on the complexity of the program.


Update: Okay I'm back after the issue with the rules and some stuff :D so just pm me here or in YM or MSN and facebook if you need services.


Although his work with my server isn't done yet, I can say that this guy here knows what he is doing with his scripts.
I give him the rating of 8/10 atm.
I'm looking forward MORE working with you.

Best regards,
Phantasm RO Admin Miyu.


Classes have started, I will still be open for jobs but I can do it in 6pm-11pm GMT+8 for Monday to Saturday, and Whole day for Sundays. But you can Email me and inform me about your orders, and I will do it in my available time.  /no1


Good Job! Good Pricing and Very Fast results  /no1 Recommended Coder.