Paid Services Rules and Limits -- Effective December 1st 2011

Started by yC, Jul 10, 2008, 09:23 PM

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Since things started to get out of hands, the following will be the new set of rules and limits on services posted under this board.

Allowed Services or Recruitments:

  • General Web, VPS or Dedicated Hosting
  • Graphic Work
  • Programming Work with the exception of any pre-made products and the list of software under disallowed services.*

Services and Recruitment which are not allowed, including but not limited to:

  • Freebies that is not part of any paid products or services
  • Buying/selling/trading of game servers, accounts, characters and items.
  • Software*: RO scripts, RO control panels, RO server related plug-ins, RO server related add-ons, anti-cheat, anti-bots, anti-WPE, NPCs, RO customs (non-graphic), RO patches and any type of graphic work or sprite that is not made by you.
  • Human Resources: setup**, installation**, configuration, fix, repair, hexing, RO client related work, patcher related work, grf related work, tutorials, backup (non-hosting) / import / export.

* This means accepting jobs in scripting or programming is okay.  However, providing any pre-made scripts or programming work for sell is not allowed.  Asking to buy nor sell software is not allowed because software ownership often cannot be verified.  Programmers listing their experience in the field must be careful not to fall into discussion of selling previously made products.  RO hosting packages must not list the disallowed software included in the package or as add-on options.

** Except basic RO server setup or installation that comes with a RO hosting package.  Service like "Setup your RO server for $xx" is not allowed.

Hosting Services Only: (new)

If you are going to offer any kind of hosting services.  You must not provide any RO server/client specific services other than the following:

  • Basic RO server setup or installation*
  • Basic RO server control panel setup or installation*

Ragnarok related services other than the above should not be found on any host's website, hosting package or order form with or without charge.  Hosts caught or reported to offer these services will have their topic removed.

*Because basic RO server setup and basic RO control panel setup are generally disallowed, hosting providers cannot put extra charges on these services in hosting packages or provide them as stand alone services.

This is in response to the recent lack of quality assurance in host provider offering RO specific services other than hosting.  While we offer a place for potential server owner to find hosting space, our aim to make server owner learn to do server related work never changes.  Offering disallowed services as options to hosting packages in order to bypass our rules is no longer acceptable.  We believe host providers should simply offer basic setup and hosting. 

General Guidelines

  • Topics with allowed services must not mention any disallowed services in their topics.
  • Hosting service providers must include a business website URL in their topics.
  • Graphic service providers must include sample work or portfolio URL in their topics.
  • Programming service providers must not list any pre-made products for sell in their topics (ex. pre-made scripts, ready-to-go software etc).
  • Developers and Programmers must list available services or abilities. (new)
  • Skills and abilities listed must not be related to any disallowed services. (new)
  • Topic starters must post a point of contact outside of this forum.  You cannot use your topic as your major sales counter or support desk.
  • You must be a staff, a representative or the owner of the service in order to advertise the service.  You should not start a topic regarding the service if you are a customer of the service or you have no relationship to the service.
  • You must only sell your own work or services.
  • Any service found bribing for positive feedback or self-generating positive feedback will have their topic removed.
  • You can only post Hosting Services, Ragnarok Online related recruitment or services.

Any service provider caught using illegal version of WHMCS will have their topic put on hold until the problem is resolved.  Verification of license will be based on query made on this page.

All services listed here, for both recruiting and employing party, are "USE AT YOUR OWN RISK". forum has no obligation to monitor the quality delivered and does not take responsibility for any loss or damage incurred.

Topics with no reply for more than 180 days may be purged during maintenance of the forum. may remove any topic with or without notice to the topic starter.


The above rules will be in effect starting December 1st, 2011.

Topics that do not meet these requirements will be removed with or without notice.

Topic owners whose topic violates the updated rules will be contacted to comply to new rules before the effective date.