Bounty Ragnarok Hiring!

Started by cliff88, May 11, 2024, 08:52 AM

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Hi guys!

I'm Cliff, the owner of Bounty Ragnarok!

First of all, thank you dear Admin of Ratemyserver for providing this great platform!

I'd like to extend my gratitude towards all of you guys, the whole Ragnarok Community.
Those developers, content creators, and players!


So I am currently looking/hiring:
1. Sub Game Master
2. Community Manager
3. Marketers/Advertisers (Any Platform)
4. Social Media Creative Team
5. Freelance Developers (Per Project Developers)
6. Streamers
7. Video Editor (Trailer, Teaser, WoE Recorder + Edit)
8. Website Coder and Ingame Coder (For example, Wiki/Customized Flux, Showcase, etc)

1. Open Communication is a must
2. Honestly above everything
3. Dedicated. (Apologies in advance, but if you're not dedicated then skip me ^^)
4. Able to work well in a team.
5. Organized.

I just have one Golden Rule which is: Honesty above everything else

Thank you in advance!

If you are interested, kindly hit me up in Discord (I am mostly active there)

Discord: cliff8888

Much Love,