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Promotional Video
« on: Mar 06, 2020, 02:24 am »
Availability: 7-9 hours daily. ( Monday - Saturday )

Location: Philippines

Age: 26


Language Spoken


 My real name is Cedric and I've been playing Ragnarok for about 12-13 years up to now. I love to play as a support role characters in game such as prof and stalker class. Now, I'm looking for my new home! I'm easy to work with and very professional when it comes on handling players specially the stubborn ones cuz I already have an experience on becoming a staff ( Helper, Police, EventGM and SUB-GM ) you name it. I love to take some videos and put an effect on it. I can provide the services below. I'm also the one who created promotional videos of some known servers, like the list of the server that i provided below.

 Server's that i handled:

Ragnarok Private Server

Paid Services:

Making videos for the ads of your server ( Woe, Events etc etc )
40$ for an HD 1080p promotional video.

You can send me a message here or on my facebook.com/froschgamingg