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Started by PixelDevz, Aug 21, 2011, 04:01 AM

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Hello, why you do you ignore us since. We payed the whole amount for our homepage.
You told us we get a preview in ~3-4 days, but we are waiting for more then a week.
More information about the current state of work is needed.


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^ on first post, and you didn't get any update from him?


No nothing i write him more then 5 email to his Admin- and Paypal-Email. I try it also via MSN and Yahoo, but it came no answere


I too payed the full payment and I did already received my final design. He did mailed me last Sunday saying that the coding is 90% done and preview will be available on Monday.
That's his last email I've received.

Until now he doesn't reply to my mails. :(

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In that case I'll have to lock this topic to prevent other fall victims.  He shall be contacted from the other method he listed from this point on.

PixelDevz, you will need to resolve the dispute from current customers before getting any new one.  I'll tag this topic as having unresolved issues.

Unhappy customer who wants to discuss this further or communicate on news can start on the off-topic general section.