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Author Topic: PixelPimp: Pimp your website bro'!  (Read 1723 times)

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PixelPimp: Pimp your website bro'!
« on: Jul 23, 2012, 10:13 am »
Contact : mail : [email protected] 
My website : http://en.pixelpimp.fr
Statut : Available

Payment option :
Paypal :  50% with order and 50% on delivery

About me :
I am Elendil, a young French Graphic designer/Web integrator , offering my skill in order to give you low cost professional services. For 3 years now, I've been exclusively working for French clients, including professional webdesign studios (which I cannot reveal you the identity), and demanding Ragnarok Servers administrators. Obviously, competitive pricing proposed are due to the fact that I want to improve my working skills, quality will always be there !

Services offered:
Logo:  start to $20

Web :
Webdesign (PSD) : start to $45
Webdesign integration (xHTML/CSS3/JS) :  start to $40
Webdesign integration to CeresCP or FluxCP :  start to $80

Patcher (PSD):  $20
Patcher integration** (Thor/Triad):  $20

* Prices may vary depending on the level of complexity
**Patcher integration: When you make a patcher, you need to cut the patcher design to integrate him in the patcher software, including news page html/CSS coding.

Exemples of my work:

Absolut RO:  Webdesign/Intégration HTML/CSS: http://www.absolut-ro.fr
                     Patcher Creation: http://en.pixelpimp.fr/images/gallery/full/Absolute%20Patcher.png
Arcadia Online: Webdesign/Intégration HTML/CSS: http://www.arcadia-online.fr/
Rose of Sharon: Renewal: Webdesign/Intégration HTML/CSS: http://elendil.patillustration.com/ros/

More exemples at http://en.pixelpimp.fr

Thanks for reading,
Sorry for my bad english,
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Re: PixelPimp: Pimp your website bro'!
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Topic approved, free bump, do not follow.