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Started by Chemical Crush, May 26, 2011, 03:33 PM

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Chemical Crush

My name is Chemical Crush, or you can call me Tori.  Right now I am offering my mapping services as a paid service on RMS.
If you are interested in having a map made please contact me with as much detail as possible so I am able to tell you if I can do the
map or not.  Please note that I am not extreamly pro at making maps, but I am easy to work with and I will continue to fix things so
that they are as you want.

1: Closed
2: Closed

Please note that slots are first come first serve, usually.  Depending on the size of each map.  For example, if Bob Ordered a Main Town Map the size of prontera first I would naturally finish his first before yours.  Unless you ordered a really small indoor map, containing of one room.  I probably will finish the one room map before Bob's.  It honestly all depends on the circumstances.

I can't really tell you an exact price on any map.  It all depends on several things.  Size, complexity and if you allow me to resell to other potential buyers. So I can't give you an estimate until you message me with specific details on how large your map will be, if you need indoors map and if you only want it for your server.  ( No reselling on my end )

Although I can give you a -generalized- price.

Generalized Prices

Small - 5~15$       Map sizes up to 70x70
Medium 20~35$      Map sizes up to 120x120
Large 40~60$         Map sizes up to 200x200

Please note that some extra charges may apply depending on certain circumstances such as lighting [ a lot of different light effects ], the amount of inside maps, if any.  And the amount of detailing that you require, although I dont usually charge extra for this unless its a very very very large amount of detail.

Please read my Terms before contacting me.

Method of payment:

I will only accept payment after I am done with my work.  Once I am finished with the map I will contact you with a few screen shots and possibly a video if you request [please note videos take a little time to make].  I will not send you the map until I recieve full payment.

Thank you for taking time to read this thread, I hope to hear from you soon!

Please Remember!

When contacting me about a map be as specific as possible, providing detailed explanation or even a paint doodle!  Remember, any and all information would be greatly appreciated and would be easier on both parts.

Chemical Crush

Giving this a much needed bump, edited a bit of text, added generalized prices.
Also filled one slot, one left avaliable!