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Started by MCJV, Mar 06, 2020, 02:24 AM

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Since i can't edit my post I'm going to post it here

Portfolio: Why would you trust a total stranger like me?

If you're looking to boost the popularity and growth of your Ragnarok server, then look no further. As someone who has been a Ragnarok player for over a decade and has been a Gamemaster on big servers like DarkRO: Rebirth and Dark Ragnarok Online, I know what it takes to attract players and keep them engaged. Let me introduce myself and my services that I offer.

As an all-around Gamemaster, I am proficient in answering player inquiries and providing technical support. I can handle Facebook events and create interactive events that will help your server grow. As a Headstreamer, I can create the perfect Streamer Starter Pack, Streamer Reward, and Streamer Giveaway that suits your server's economy. I am responsible for hiring streamers and creating short video clips about the server. Additionally, I manage social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok, creating catchy captions to grab the audience's attention.

My interactive events are aimed at improving player engagement and feedback. Livestreams after updates and maintenance provide players with a platform to share their opinions, with webcam interactions to make it more interactive. Special livestreams such as Shoutcasts for Hot Agit and Guild of the Month, and Like and Share events with live draws for winners, will encourage player participation. I also offer video editing services where I create highlights of every WOE/KOE and update videos about new items or changes.

Finally, my advertising skills can take your server to new heights. I can manage social media platforms like Tiktok, Instagram, and Facebook to promote your server to a wider audience. My package costs $500 per month, and I guarantee that my services will make your Ragnarok server one of the biggest in the game.

So, why trust a total stranger like me? The answer is simple: I have the skills and experience needed to make your server grow. With my services, you can sit back and watch your server's popularity soar. Let's take your Ragnarok server to the next level!

Paid Services: Promotional Video
Prices will depends on the plug-in and quality of the video

720p = 75 $
1080p with cinematic intro using your logo = 100 $
4k HD with cinematic intro and outro using your logo = 150 $

Latest videos:

Mode of Payments

Paypal (Should be sent via Friends and Family to avoid chargebacks)




Latest mobile introduction for:
OldschoolRO Highrate

Live Action

Mobile Demo

OldschoolRO - Midrate
Live Action

Mobile Demo

For inquiries send a message on my discord, Discord ID: froschzm