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Started by Erebus, Aug 17, 2011, 01:47 PM

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Sorry I haven't posted in so long, mostly busy with stuff, but I'm here to show you a taste, yes just a taste of my latest project:

Perpetua - Sky map + scripted (This is my first map that I've actually made)


- Sky map
- Gateway Travel System that propels players to each floating island
- 4 click-type mini games that can be played at any time by anyone
   1) You can get Grapes, set max per vine + resets regularly
     2) You can get Emperium, set 1 per day + resets automatically
       3) You can get Kalunium, set max per crystal + resets + 1/4 chance to get rough elunium instead
         4) You can get Bradium, set max per crystal + resets + 1/4 chance to get rough oridecon instead
- Mini game that is a puzzle of missing letters + click type. You have to tell the answer to a npc upon completion
- Statue quest where you are told 5 stories and you must click the corresponding statues in order (or it fully resets) to win a unique prize
   1) Prize is a chest that explodes with items around the player when opened. Guaranteed 8 usables, 5 etc items, 1 headgear, 1 footgear,1 garment, 1 accessory and 1 card (NON boss/mvp)
- God stone system, talk to a god's statue, get their stone and get a bonus to something. Only 1 stone at a time, works in all maps
- Death Pit, a hole in the floor that a player can walk into. Adds their name to an auto-kick on login array and must play with a different character.
    Death speaks to this character and random chance, how to win their soul back
- Multiple quests to keep players busy with fun content

Thanks you for your viewing and I'd be glad to take any pointers/comments on the map. Everything is 90% done, I'm just increasing the quests and hoping to make 25-50, currently at 7.


With the exceedingly more and more time taken up by my job, I've decided to shut down my services on Monday. I just can't keep up with my own projects, the various customers and a couple hours per night to myself to prevent burnout. All of my services, anything I've ever made, is 50% off. On Monday, I'll delete my thread or just request a lock on it.

If you need to contact me for something, MSN me [email protected]  it also serves as my email, but I don't check it often.

Thank you to all of my customers, I hope your servers are running well.


Since people still contact me regardless, I've decided to re-open my service in the meantime and on that note, I've made a new event to showcase some more of my abilities:

SafetyWall Event



Do you still available? I need you to modify some script for me and some projects. Already add you in MSN


I haven't received an invitation that hit my MSN directly, but I got the email, added. If I don't catch you tonight, I'll have to talk to you tomorrow after work. 4pm pacific / gmt-8