Professional programming, coding and scripting service

Started by LodrikBadric, Jul 03, 2011, 07:31 AM

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Status: Unavailable

General Information:

  • Payment method: Paypal only (EUR, USD)
  • Payments need to be made before receiving work
  • Spoken languages: English, German
  • Contact Informtion:

    • [email protected] (please write an email instead of adding this address to msn!)
    • Skype and MSN upon request


  • Programming (C/C++/C#)

    • Console Applications (Windows/Linux)
    • GUI Application (Windows)
    • Winapi
    • Network and Socket Programming
    • Security
    • ...
  • Web development PHP/HTML/CSS/SQL/Javascript

    • Website Coding and Designing (depending on request)
    • Databases
    • Control Panels
    • Other systems
  • eAthena and Ragnarok

    • Scripting
    • Core changes/src edits


  • Scripts $7 +
  • Programs $10 +
  • Websites (coding only) $10 +
  • Website designs 30$ +
  • In general the prices can range from $7 for small scripts up to $150+ for big programs or heavy src mods.

Why me?
I am an experienced developer and have completed quite a number of requests successfully in the past. I have had 3 Ragnarok servers myself which had about 50 to 150 people constantly online. I have started developing applications in C about 4 years ago (implemented systems include bot protections and custom client modifications). I am reliable, quick and friendly.


Topic Approved (serve as bump from the time you posted).


I requested an automated event script, it was done in 1 1/2 days, very fast and had no bugs in it either, worked properly on my server on the first test.

He's nice enough to also give support after the script is done.

I'd recommend his services if you're looking for a scripter / coder.!  A brand new 30x, 50x, 50x server!



are u working for client?
xray client?
i need xray client to get OL on my server and to distribute on my players.


I send you a pm. Client side modifications are no problem.



Sorry, I try to check my inbox every day but sometimes it moves emails to the junk folder (out of no reason) which aren't alerted at all so I may overlook these.

Anyway, I'm still available for hire. Already completed numerous requests to everyone's complete satisfaction.


mail sent. Please respond asap. I'll need a quote for that design I mailed you.


I've sent you an e-mail a couple of days ago and haven't received a response.

Just in-case you haven't gotten it, I'm interested in your website coding services.  You can PM me on here if you're still available for it~



Still available, requests may take a little longer finish due to me having quite a number of upcoming exams.


bump, exams are over for now so all requests can be finished as quick as usual.