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Started by Jocasta, Nov 13, 2011, 07:34 AM

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Contact Information
Payment Method

  • Paypal - Information will be sent after everything has been confirmed.
Graphics Request Form (format for e-mail)

RMS Forum Name:
Server Name:
Graphics Request Type:
Animated or Not?:
Color Scheme: What colors do you want me to use? Indicate font, etc.
Images Theme: (Write here what theme you want me to use as some background images)
Image Size (in pixels):
Additional Instructions:

**note: If you want me to use images you have already, please send me.
**note: If you have drawn a thingy in a paper, and scanned it, or whatever, attach it through e-mail so I could note it.
**note: I will send a confirmation e-mail that I receive your work and will start on it as soon as you e-mail back, or we have msn'ed together

Frequently Asked Questions - !! Please read first !!

1. Do I do a website coding?
- No. Sadly, I'm still quite studying.

2. How long does it take for me to obtain my graphics?
- It depends on the complexity and the schedule of my school affairs (and doing some GMing stuff). Most likely, I will prioritize your work immediately once I receive your request.

3. Are you giving away the .psd file?
- Sadly, no. I will be free to edit your work if you want any minor changes.

4. I have contacted you, but I didn't receive any reply?
- Perhaps I haven't logged on yet. Or, you sent a wrong e-mail. I hope e-mailing will be our first conversation medium.

5. Are these prices negotiable?
- If the quality of the work is incomparably not astounding to be seen, I will be lowering it, or will do a re-edit.

6. How do we start the negotiations?
- I will present you a watermark'ed image. You are to send all the necessary payments and then I shall send everything to you on whatever medium you want.

7. I know I sent you a graphic request, but I immediately want to cancel it. Is it okay?
- It depends on the situation. If I have received your cancellation before I was able to do your work, there would be no problem. However, to cancel after the work is finished is incompetent for someone who requested a graphic request, and dropping it like a bomb. I would request a cancellation of request fee (probably, only 40% of the original price to be paid.) Else, I would consider you an opportunist and put you in some blacklist thingy. Make sure you are 100% sure when ordering your graphics.

8. That image is mine you @#$%^&*!
- I apologize for this matter, perhaps I have obtained this image from somewhere like Google or whatever sort. Please PM me regarding this matter to give due credits for the professional people who make astounding graphics.

Services Offered

- Standard Size banners: [468 x 60] [728 x 90] [120 x 600]
- I can always edit your banner (minor only; additional fee if some major changes; though I recommend just request a new one o.o) if you want. Contact me to do so.
- Other Banner Sizes: As long as the size is not different from the standard sizes, the price will remain the same. Else, there would be small additional charges depending on the size extended.
- Animated banners would cost a relative small amount compared to the non-animated one.
- Price Range: Starting from $5


Login Screen Background
- Standard Size: Provide your desired size.
- Three sets would be provided: [Uncut, png] [Uncut, bmp] [Cut, ready for extraction to data folder]
- Price Range: Starting from $7

Loading Screen
- Standard Size: Provide your desired size.
- Two sets would be provided: [Uncut, png] [Uncut, bmp].
- Price Range: Starting from $7

- Standard Size: As long as it is a 'signature' not some massive thingy. Lol 8D
- I can always edit your banner (minor only; additional fee if some major changes; though I recommend just request a new one o.o) if you want. Contact me to do so.
- Price Range: Starting from $5


- Standard Size: As long as its a considerable avatar-size (I suggest 100 x 100, 150 x 150, etc.)
- Price Range: Starting from $2.

- Standard Size: 24 x 24
- You will be given a .png and .bmp file (2 sets)
- Price Range: Starting from $1.

Forum Ranks / Images
- Standard Size: Denote your size, as long as its "fitting."
- Price Range: Starting from $1.

Splash Page
- Standard Size: Give your sizes.
- I might be able to code it since it's just a splash page 8D
- Price Range: Starting from $8

Other Graphics
- Standard Size: Provide size / layout for the image.
- Price Range: Starting from $1 (depending on its closeness with other graphics)


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