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Author Topic: Hyvraine Designs (FluxCP Integration, Patcher Skins, and many more<3)  (Read 15230 times)

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-    Filipinos are not allowed to request any of my services. They may, however, buy pre-made Flux integrations.
 -    I only accept payments through Paypal.
 -    I don't work on Saturdays and Sundays.
 -    The client(you) needs to be clear about his/her request. Basically include everything once you send me a PM. Colors, tone, whether I'm going to make the logo or you'll provide it, or if you want me to add RSS and a server status in the patcher, etc.
 -    Once the project has started, the client can not include another service. For example, if the agreement was only a Flux Integration (no design, no patcher services) then he/she can not ask to include a Patcher, loading screens, or anything.
 -    Payment is to be sent while the files are being transferred.
 -    To add another service, the client must wait for 2 days to request again.
 -    In case something has been added in the Terms and Conditions, the client will be notified     unless he/she does not apply to the changes.

-    Flux Integration ($100 minimum)
                I can do the job in 2-4 days unless it’s complex. More information at the “Flux Design and   Integration” section.
-    Flux Design ($50 minimum)
-    Thor Patcher
              $2 for Basic Coding (simple notice box in HTML, coding the buttons and/or loading bars PROVIDED that these (layers) are already saved as files)
              $17 for Design and Basic Coding
              $5 for each addons like RSS, Image Slider, and server status.

-    Flash, I don’t make flash/animation files.
-    English.
-    Making logos.

-    Aliases: -Rei (or – R e i), kenshn111, Hyvraine
-    E-mail: [email protected]
-    Skype: kenshn111
-    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/HyvraineDesigns
-    Payment Method: Paypal only

-    As I’ve said earlier, I only accept payments through Paypal. No WU or bank deposit.

- Chu! Ragnarok Online (Design and Integration)
- Raz Ragnarok Online (Fixed some problems with his site)
- Spectrum RO (Design and Integration)
- Eternal Fantasy RO (Patcher Design and Coding)
- Aeterna RO (Design and Integration, Patcher Design and Coding)
- Everlasting Odyssey RO (Integration)
- Equinox RO (Design and Integration) Did this for free
- Retribution RO (Patcher design and coding) Did this for free
- Inertia RO (Design and Integration and Patcher design and coding) Did this for free

- I use Xantara's Flux CP
- As much as possible I try to make my sites compatible with major browsers (I only support IE10 and above if there will be)
- And I don't like f*** up overflowing tables, they are fixed so it don't mess up with the design. In case there are still overflowing tables, you have to inform me right away.
- My Flux designs or integrations (depending on the given PSD or HTML file) are not like those that get cut when being viewed on a screen with a high resolution (no support for those screens with less than 1024 width)
- By default, I'll be using Flux's category name if a dropdown menu is included in the design. If you don't want that, you could simply request it.
- I always give a clean folder in case I give you the whole FluxCP, so that you can easily install it without problems.
- These are the stuffs that can be requested without charge unless written beside it, they will not be included by default.
(click to show/hide)

(Updated as of June 29, 2013):

(click to show/hide)

(click to show/hide)

C&C are welcome!
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Offline yC

Hi, are these

    Server Status (Online Players, Peak, the 3 Servers, Server Time)]
    WoE Schedule (Countdown, WoE times are grouped by starting day, highlights the current/next castle or town)]
    Screenshots (Slider, Lightbox)]
    Announcements slider! Since I'm not entirely sure what they're called, they are those announcement images that slide.]
    Item Shop Carousel
    (click to show/hide)
    Facebook Page 'box']
    Smart Search Box (only for item and mob database though, no they're not those things that you need to click in order for the system to know)]
    Guild of the Month, Player of the Month, Player of the Week]
    Calcium Kid's CMS, JayPee's V4P, clydelion's rss2news .]
    (OPTIONAL) Item Icons and Images and animated Monster images.

freely included in your integration or they are options with price tags?
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Offline kenshn111

They are not options with price tags, they are free since most of the stuffs are available on the internet and Server Status, WoE Schedule, GOTM, POTM, POTW, 'smart' Search Box are based on the codes in FluxCP.


Offline yC

topic approved. Free bump.

Offline Phylla

Bought a webdesign from this guy and coding from him as well.
Got all my stuffs in less than a week with a great quality and fair price.

So keep up the good work Hyv!

Offline kenshn111

Thank you for the review!!

Offline kenshn111

Price dropped!

Theme Name: Sky RO (SOLD)
Price: $100
Video Preview: | 1 |
Image Preview:

  - JayPee's V4P | clydelion's rss2news
  - Overflowing tables/columns are removed using jQuery (Edit the prioritization in applications.php)
  - WoE Schedule
  - Image Slideshow
  - Item Carousel
  - Server Status (Servers, Server Time, Online Players)
  - Guild of the Month
  - Player of the Month / Player of the Week
  - FB Box
  - Item Icons and Images and animated Monster images included.

What's included:
  - PSD for Logo
  - PSD for the letters
  - Whole Flux (Xantara)
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Offline kenshn111

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Offline AncientB

Very helpful, sufficient, and friendly. Responds to queries very fast, and provides great work, therefore I highly recommend Hyvraine's service to any individual looking for premium work at an affordable budget.

- Ancient.

Offline kenshn111

Status: Unavailable (June 23 to June 30)

Offline kenshn111

New pre-made Flux integration!

Theme Name: Ophelia
Price: $160
Video Preview:

Image Preview:

  - WoE Countdown
  - Image Slider
  - Server Status
  - Online Players
  - Player of the Month
  - Guild of the Month
  - Font character Substitution
  - Item, Item Thumbnails, and Monster images can be downloaded here.
  - No addons.
  - No job images.
  - RSS (using MagpieRSS) and Item Shop can be requested for free

What's included:
  - PSD for the template, fonts, and the logo
  - Whole Xantara's Flux (core files not modified)
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Offline kenshn111

Ophelia Theme has been lowered to $160 for this week only!!

Hyvraine V1 is now available!!

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Hello there,
I have added you on skype  /no1
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 -    Filipinos are not allowed to request any of my services. They may, however, buy pre-made Flux integrations.

What kind of terms n condition is that??? why are u so biased towards a group of people??? That is really sick!! 

btw, how on the earth will u know if the client is pinoy or not? And... yes.... i am not a pinoy :)

Offline Gatoruchato

What kind of terms n condition is that??? why are u so biased towards a group of people??? That is really sick!! 

btw, how on the earth will u know if the client is pinoy or not? And... yes.... i am not a pinoy :)

He used to accept all types of clients and he's also one, but due to this click me!. He had to do that. Its for his own, unless maybe the client proves that he's not like the one like AndromedaRO.
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ ლ(╹◡╹ლ) (ノ °益°)