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Started by Frost, Sep 14, 2011, 09:12 PM

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Greetings and Welcome to the Frozen Forge,
I have been doing professional maps for maybe 2-4 years and have been steadily improving in my field where few have gone. Feel free to look at my previous works to see if we share the same interest in Design.

Small map: $10.00 USD
Medium map: $20.00 USD
Large Map:$35.00 USD

Custom Models:
5 Models: $10.00 USD
10 Models: $15.00 USD
20 Models:$25.00 USD

to understand more about adding custom models and the Custom models contents I provide, Please contact me on my MSN. The Contents are Not only restricted to World of Warcraft of course.

If you wish to recruit me strictly for your server, we can discuss the terms of my employment over MSN.

There is no negotiations, or bargaining with prices, if you don't like them, leave.
I have the right to refuse you services if I have not received your money.

Ring of hell project, Lust

Halloween Grave yard

Indoor garden, Gravity imitation

Family House, Male Child room

Fearless, Last arena

Game Master Palace

The City of the Stars

Royal Kitchen

Custom Model, Dragon Airship

Custom Models, World of Warcraft.

Contact: [email protected]
Oh look! Something to occupy myself while I leave you alone to your own stupidity!


Ooh... Frost, you finally made a thread here.

I was looking at one of your maps and I saw the Last Arena and I was like are you the seller who sold me that map. So, I looked into my contacts and confirmed it that it was you. I was just making sure because I don't want the original maker or the customers to be ripped off. hehe!

Anyways, love your maps.
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Sir, I added you in MSN, did you see it? I can see your a WOW fan. Then this would be easier for me to request some maps.   8)


No i didn't get the add >.<
Oh look! Something to occupy myself while I leave you alone to your own stupidity!


Lol, Ok, I re-added you again. We will be talking about mapping. Probably from WOW since you're a WOW Fan.  :P