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Started by Chemical Crush, Mar 26, 2014, 10:48 PM

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Chemical Crush

Rush Order:
Not Available.




With the release of my FAQ, I thought it would work to benefit my clients and myself, to adopt some Terms and Conditions.

1.) I may turn down a map request at any time for any reason.
2.) If your request is accepted, payment must be made (Paypal/Western Union) before I will begin working on it.
3.) As per my mapping service specifications, I do offer rush orders (priority mapping) for a 20% mark-up of the maps initial price (or $5 minimum)
4.) Exclusive Maps (maps unique to you and your server only) do cost an additional fee; If you do not want an exclusive map, it may be re-sold or re-releaed.
5.) After the payment has been recieved, your map will be added to the weekly schedule (seen updated on my facebook page every week).
6.) If you decide that you no longer need my mapping services, refund requests must be sent to me before I begin work on your map.
7.) I will not replicate maps you've seen on other servers.
8.) Submitting a map layout is not required, however, a simple layout with details such as where you'd like the town square, or where on the map to place a body of water could speed up the map making process and better reflect the map you pictured in your head.
9.) I aim to deliver the greatest possible product to each client, and as such, I am open to map edits, however, free map edits will be restricted to 1 large edit, and 3 small edits.
9.a.) Large edits may include movement of certain set pieces (i.e. a building and the surrounding garden to another portion of the map).
9.b.) Small edits may include adjusting the hue of certain lights, or adding a few decorations..
9.c.) Large and Small edits aren't resricted to the previously described example; some model movements could be considered small, and some light edits could be large; these are to be determined on a case by case basis at my discretion.
10.) All exclusive maps belong only to the original purchaser; please do not contact me with a download request to a map that I've showcased as 'exclusive.'
11.) All pre-made maps that I have for download should be downloaded through rAthena or alternative links I provide.
12.) Crediting me on your website/forums is not required but is greatly appreciated; Links go a long way too.
13.) Never claim my work, free-release or otherwise, as your own.
14.) Never re-release my maps with slight edits or along side scripts; If you intend to release or showcase an event script and would like to use one of my free maps, please message me for permission;
15.) People who break these Terms and Conditions will be added to my 'blacklist' and unable to request my service.


What type of payment do you accept?

Paypal and Western Union!

How long does it take to complete a map?

Really this one is hard to guess at.  It depends on the complexity and how large the map is
It also depends on my work schedule since I don't map 24/7.

Do you give discounts?

Yes, I do offer a few. If you plan on ordering more than 4 custom maps from scratch
I will give a discount.  Or if you decided to order 2 large scale maps I will give a discount.
Also if you buy 3 or more premade maps I give a discount on the price.
Sometimes, when I send you an email with your map, If I mention that you will get a discount you can
redeem it by showing me the email or just asking me about it for the next map you order.

What if I want my map ASAP?

If I have other customers that I am working on and you need a map ASAP you are able to
Do a 'rush order' in which you will pay an extra 20% of whatever your map costs
[5 dollars being minimum extra] I will put your map first in que for working. I can
only do 1 rush order at a time. So if I am not able to do a rush order because I already
have one, I will let you know.

Can you work for my server?

In short, probably not.  I say probably because it wouldn't be new if I considered it
but I would also ask for payment for the maps, but they would be discounted.  Also your
server would have to actually interest me and it takes a lot to be interested for me.

Can you do custom models?

No.  I do not have this knowledge yet, sadly.  I can do textures and do some custom
texturing for models that already exist in the game. You want different roof colors?
I can do that.  You want a whole new type of cobblestone/floor for prontera that doesnt
Already exist in a town?  I can do that.  You want a model from WoW?  Idk how to do that yet.

Can you make a map exactly how 'insert mapper name here' made this map?

No.  I will not copy another mappers map.  I can however do something of that same
style or feel if you'd like, but not the same layout.

Do you allow for customers to watch you map via TeamViewer/Twitch/Whateverotherapplication?

I can, I have before and really I don't usually mind.  I've found this to be a good
experience usually, if you dont like something you can tell me right away and sometimes
its just nice feedback.  However I do not ALWAYS allow you to watch, sometimes I am busy
or something, or sometimes I just wanna map without my computer lagging, TeamView lags it
idk why.

How did you learn to map?

Syouji's videos were the biggest help, but really I just kinda learned on my own.

Can you teach me how to map?

Honestly I don't have the patience to completely teach you and also I learned on my own
I feel you should as well, at least try to learn.  I don't mind helping if you have
issues though!

Can you edit a map you already made for me?

Yes and usually I do this for free.  However, if you are asking for changes to the
layout it will cost, depending on the complexity of the edit.  If I have to redo
a lot of things because of this change it will cost more.  If its minor then it
won't cost as much.

What do you require for you to start a map for me?

Half of the payment, if not all, must be sent before I start mapping.  I also would
really prefer you have a layout of some sort, I don't mind pulling from my own imagination
but sometimes it's not going to be what you imagined.  People think differently so a layout
is very important, even if its just google images for a 'feel' of the map.

Can you do anything else besides map?  Sprite?  GFX?

No.  I cannot sprite at all, I would love to learn but no time right now. depends, I can do some simple banners and whatnot but its really not my thing
you'd be better off contacting an actul graphics designer.

Can I redistribute your maps?

No.  And if I ever hear of you doing it you are 'blacklisted' in my book.

Chemical Crush

**Updated the Main Topic.**

Also offering

Special Packages Offered

**Sweet Summer Package - 60$**
**Lasts Until 07/01/2014**
[A 55$ Discount]

[0/1 Packages Done]

Custom Summer/Beach Themed Prontera [Or whichever main town you are using]
2 Maps up to 80x80 [Any style]
[All maps are exclusive and will include basic lighting/sounds and a few visual effects if needed.]

**Haunted Halloween Package - 50$**
**Lasts Until 10/24/2014**
[A 45$ Discount]

[0/2 Packages Done]

Custom Halloween Prontera [Or whichever main town you are using]
1 Event/Vend/PvP Map up to 80x80
[All maps are exclusive and will include advanced colored lighting/sounds and a few visual effects if needed.]

Contact me for any special packages and discounts.  Will be willing to create a special package if needed.

If you need to see any examples of my work feel free to check out my facebook:

Chemical Crush

For the next two weeks if you buy 2 PvP related maps you get one for free. So if you buy KoE Waiting Room and Volcanic PvP you get the PvP waiting room for free!

Also if you buy the Garden Prontera I will sell you the vending map for half the price. Saving you 5 more dollars.

Remember, this ends July 8th.


Hi I'd like to avail of your services if that would be alright? For more details, please pm me or pm our facebook page: Anima Ragnarok Online


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Chemical Crush

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