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Started by mogudev, Jul 30, 2013, 04:12 AM

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Tired of trying to waste time learning Web Design and Coding? instead, do you want to focus on something more important to you?
Or you learned but can't figure out what kind of design you want? Are you still waiting for that guy that might offer you free web developing service that doesn't seem to exist anywhere?

What is MoguDev?
Is a freelance group that offers website services, so that you don't have to do it yourself. Learning web design and coding may take time, and unless you want to learn to be a developer, you might forget about everything you learn since you're busy doing other things like managing your server, scripting, talking to your players a lot etc.

What are the services?
Exclusive Web Design(PSD layout): 100$(see sample here)
PSD to Html Coding: starting at 30-60$
PSD to Flux Integration:  starting at 90$
Exclusive FluxCP Integrated Website: 250$(New minimum)(see sample here)
Banner: starting at 10$
Loading Screen: starting at 10$
Logo: starting at 10$
We also offer premade Flux Integrations from 30-60usd, which you can check on our website.
Please keep in mind that prices may vary depending on the type of website you want us to make, the complexity of the design, quality, timeline etc.
We also work on local business sites, feel free to contact us for more information.

Status: Currently all Gfx related service are offline.

You can also read our full service list at

All of our services accepts the following payment methods:
Paypal, Western Union, Bank Transfer.

And you can choose from the following payment types:
1. 20% Milestone payment -  For every 20% progress, you have to send us 20% of the overall project cost.
2. 50% Down payment - So basically before we start you can send us 50% of the development cost, and the rest comes after we're all done with the project.
3. No downpayment - available only if its just a simple logo, or a banner or something really minor, like perhaps fixing something easy on your current website.

If you have questions or interested in availing our services please do not hesitate to contact us. We do not bite.  /no1

Email: [email protected]
Contact Us:

For faster response, please contact us by email.

PREMADE Flux for Sale:

View Demo:

Portfolio/Previous Works:

We also have a referral system, if you refer a client to us, we'll give you 10% of the development cost. If you're another freelancer, send us an email, and maybe we can establish some kind of referral relationship or you can even join our group.



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Good Day CaseRO,

Thank you for the interest in using our service. However, I can't seem to find the email that you have sent to us.
Perhaps there was an interruption while it was sending? Can you please check if you have sent it to [email protected] ? or Perhaps you can resend the email?


Update: Added loading screen samples to first post(See spoiler). Banners/Web design samples coming soon, you may also contact us if you really want to see some more samples and we'll show you one of the current projects we're working at the moment, except the ones we do not have permission to display yet.

Also there is only 1 slot left for our 50% discount!! /no1

Thank you for reading! /kis

All discount slots are now used up.



We are now offering Premade Flux websites!

Our premade page:

First premade site: m500 Gold

View Demo:

Grab one now!

Thank you for reading!  /no1


I would like to recommend Mogudev for their excellent website designs (beyond what they show in their portfolio). They can really customize the design the way you want it to be, and have the patience for providing edits. I love how they carry out their service (set timeframes, layout procedure, etc) - They are serious about designing. Furthermore, they are very friendly and easy to contact.

Overall, great designing service, and keep up the amazing work!
Friends are special flowers that bloom from trust.

Free Designs by Me: Here!


Will most likely be using your services soon

Reserving this spot for a review


Hello Ragnarok Server Owners, recently a Typoon called Glenda hit Philippines which affected tons of ppl, some lose their homes, and things that could've help them recover after the typoon. We wanted to help these people even just a little so we're going to send all of the money that will be gathered(starting today) by selling our premade theme m500 gold.

Aside from that, you can opt for a 20usd off deal so from 60usd, you can buy it for just 40$ if you like. But if you'd like to buy it for 60$ then that will be awesome because that just means we'll be able to send more to the victims.

The the money will be donated via Alagang Kapatid Foundation in Philippines.

If you're interested, below is the information for the theme, feel free to contact us via [email protected] for faster response, if you have any question about the theme.

View Demo:

In advance, thank you!