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DivinityRO Paid Positions
« on: Jan 17, 2013, 05:35 am »

DivinityRO is a server that has pioneered the Ragnarok Online mid-rate server scene for over a year. With a year of constant development, the project has evolved into a highly customized, stable, and refreshed server with a dedicated staff team and loyal community. The server started out as a hobby and has evolved into one of the most innovative servers within the RO scene.

With the continual growth of the server, I've decided it would be beneficial to pay for certain positions, within our ranks, that have a significant importance to the server itself. Compensating certain positions will motivate parties to coordinate and perform responsibilities and tasks to ensure the overall position's requirements are fulfilled. As the server is at a pivotal point, we're gearing to push forward and present undisclosed plans that will shock and baffle the RO community--again, these are kept under wraps. ;)

Partner Administrator
An Administrator is in-charge of ensuring day-to-day operations are met setting goals and vision of the server. Administrators are top-ranked staff and oversee subordinate management and staff. Tasks and responsibilities are split between multiple Administrators and may vary. The Partner Administrator will be compensated based on results. This position is ranked the same as an Administrator.

  • Coordinate and execute campaigns for advertising and promotions. Oversee that our advertising realms are used in tactful manners to increase player counts.
  • Devise goals and a vision for the community and staff.
  • Oversee subordinate Community Managers and staff.
  • Identify weakness(es) within the server, staff, and/or community, devising an action plan to resolve.
  • Liaison with the Development team in order to communicate community voice to ensure the development roadmap is on point.
  • Audit logs, player notes, staff feedback, and ensure all documentation is properly completed by staff.
  • Onboard & offboard staff within our regulations. Identify weaknesses in the chain of command and address them.
  • There is additional responsibilities that may be added.

  • 2+ years of former Administrative experience OR 3+ years of Head GM experience. Please include server names with application.
  • Experience with marketing and promoting products and services. YOU WILL be required to focus heavily on server growth and expansion.
  • Basic IPB/other forum software MCP/ACP experience (Mod/Admin Control Panel).
  • Candidate should be able to eloquently draft topics and documentation with attention to detail in terms of grammar & punctuation.
  • 4+ years of Ragnarok Online game experience. Ideal candidate should be knowledgeable of the game.
  • Ability to properly mediate situations with staff and players.
  • Ideal candidate must be a quick & independent learner, mature, patient, willing to manage, and motivated.
  • This position will not be involved in development. Therefor, programming/RO client experience is NOT required.

How to Apply?
Please send a resume to [email protected] Your resume should include general demographics, skills, past positions held, education, and accolades.

Applicants will be subject to thorough interviews and resume verification.
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DivinityRO 6.9 coming soon!