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Started by flamedidea, Nov 28, 2011, 07:50 AM

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Freelance Graphics Artist | Web Designer | RO gamer
Status: Available for work

Hiya! I'm Rafael John , a freelance graphics artist interested in making RO related web designs,graphics or even custom character design.
 I've been in the design industry for 4 years now and have a good knowledge in this things.
 I am looking to work on Ragnarok related graphics work as I see it interests me more.
So here I am now venturing in the field of game graphics design and offering you my service.
Most of you will see me on freelancer sites like odesk and etc.
 There I have made a good reputation of myself you can even see my feed backs and finished projects there.

I do freelance graphic work for Web Design | Banners | Patcher Skins | Wallpapers | Facebook Fanpage and other RO related graphic work
Here are some demo work to show my design skills
*since I am changing into a new pace here my RO related work are limited for the time being*
 but you can check my non-RO related graphics work here: www.rafaeljohn.com and my Odesk Freelancer profile: odesk

Here is a web design proposal for TaintedRO's site: they're site now


Here's another site design Mock-up



A sample animated RO banner design for TaintedRO



NEW Facebook fan page design
Facebook fan page design and set up:

PATCHERS: I am currently making patcher skins and wallpapers demo right now so be sure to check me some other time,
I will be regularly updating this post with my latest works.

Well if you feel like im the man for you please see this rates
(they are just rough estimates and can go lower or higher depending on the projects needs)

Web PSD Design = $30 - $60 for a home page and $5-$10 if you add other inner pages
Banners = $5-$15 each (prices are due to change regarding job details)
Animated Banner=  $15-30 Flash animated Banners
Signatures = $2-5
Facebook Fanpage Design = $30-$80 (if you have an RO server, then you might also need this)
Twitter Design=  $25-40
Patcher Skins=  $20-30

I'll also be making ready made premium PSD templates SOON. and and additional charge will be made on bought PSD designs
PSD Editing = $10~50

If you would like to hire me on a per hour project please be noted thay my per hour rate  is $15,
 and we have to do it on odesk, so you can see  proof of my hourly work and you will only pay me for  hours that I've worked.

*And so I can know if you really are the good employers I will need a 30% upfront fee.
So I can get started. I accept paypal, but if you dont feel like doing it in paypal and dont fully trust me, you can post a job in odesk, and hire me there,
so If any money disputes occur, we will have message logs etc. *also I have a good reputation in odesk so no problems will occur*
but if you will pay through paypal the upfront fee is really needed sorry.

Contact me

Usually you'll find me lurking in sites like twitter,facebook, and you can mail me too
[email protected]

*NOTE: I will frequently show you the progress of a project so you can see it early and give me better suggestions,
but I will only offer 5 revisions max, so be sure to make your design brief detailed, and please talk to me in a personal tone or voice,
 I dont like corporate talk and all that >.<. and dont steal my work :D

my other works
My Odesk Profile
My Deviantart page

UPDATED:Added a facebook fan page design and setup!
UPDATED:added another skin patcher design XD
UPDATED:added one skin patcher demo [PSD available and for sale]
UPDATED: added some demo samples and other informations



Facebook Fanpage Design? Can you give examples when you have time?
[color=limegreen]DejavuRO's[/color] [color=red]Grand Opening: [color=blue]12/16/11[/color][/color]

[color=maroon]Guild Package[/color]

[email protected]


Quote from: fallenone on Nov 29, 2011, 03:19 AM
Facebook Fanpage Design? Can you give examples when you have time?
ok will surely do, as of now I have no facebook fanpages design for Games, will also post demo fan page design soon*



Updated my profile post and added some demo works~ XD



added new banner design* serves as a bump also XD



Skype: contact.lvl9
MSN: [email][email protected][/email]
Gmal: [email][email protected][/email]

[color=red]A free MMORPG Design resource offering Website, Vote banners, Patchers, Maps for free?.[link][/color]




Quote from: fallenone on Nov 29, 2011, 03:19 AM
Facebook Fanpage Design? Can you give examples when you have time?

so here's the facebook design sample I  was talking about sorry if it took to long, haha some ro design works piled up XD


I made the banner, background and implemented iWipa, ^^