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Started by miland14, Dec 10, 2011, 09:49 AM

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Hello guys !

This map was made for the server that I've been working on but unfortunately, the admin refused to use it anymore since he remade the server. No one uses this map anymore. So here I am, making the map available for sale (I don't want it to rot here on my pc. LOL).
I made this map for 1 week.

If you'll purchase this map, it will come with the following:

    ~ A town map.
    ~ Minimap
    ~ 1 indoor map. (a copy of prt_in)
    ~ 1 indoor church map. (a copy of prt_church).
    ~ 1 indoor mansion map. (a copy of ra_temin.)
    ~ Warp scripts.
    ~ Name of your choice for the map.

The map has 12 available houses/buildings and each of them is already set by the warp scripts. Specifically:

    Weapon Shop
    Tool Dealer Shop
    and the other 6 is for you to decide.

The map also has a vending area which you can let your players vend within the town.

Video Preview



Map Price

The price is only $20 ! That's right. You can get em for only $20 !

Once completed a purchase, you can't refund it.
You are not allowed to redistribute it to anyone.

Payment method
Paypal ([email protected])

If you have any questions, feel free to pm or email me ([email protected]).

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