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Started by clydelion, Jun 07, 2012, 04:28 AM

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hey mate, is your faction system scr is already complete?


hey mate, is your faction system scr is already complete?

scr or src?



He means:
"are you talking about source code[src] or scr isn't a typo and means another thing?"



Well, I haven't had the time to remake it. But it should work on latest revisions be it eathena, 3ceam, or rathena, or any other athena based emu.  /no1


well must say.. .this guy doesnt a really amazing job. i havent used his services yet ( he only gave me a demo) but yes he did help me out by coming on team viewer. oh come on who does that now days. not only that he even solved some issues i had for which normally we should pay. i am really going to use his services as much as i can .


I used his services to modified like 10 or more skill on my server. I receive my diff, and there's a mistake on the diff and then i told him what is it then he gave me a new one and it fix everything. RECOMMENDED.

- Brenth


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he is really fast about finishing jobs
i requested 3 src modified  he just finished it in 5 min xD !
very high quality and really good support :D
i like Clydelion service and i don't think i will use any other service if i need src modified :D
/kis /kis /kis /kis /kis


Rad I need your help..I one of your donator in your server before aphoticRO..
Plz contact me In Facebook or skype   /heh

FB : mark Aguirre
Skype : mark.ft 

Plz contact me  /no1