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Started by DevilEvil, Aug 11, 2011, 08:40 PM

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Contact information:

  • Time zone: GMT+1 (Madrid, Spain). I'm usually online at the evening (8 pm to 1 am)
  • Hotmail:
  • Skype: atskaheart
  • PM through IRC: (DevilEvil) #athena
  • Private message through RateMyServer
Work information:

  • Max. period of time: 2 week aprox. Highly depends on the request.
  • Max. customers at once: 5 customers
  • Max. number of works per week: Depends on the works, but I could work in 5 works per week.
  • Edit and additions: Up to three edits/additions. If the work is not wanted because of low quality, it must be paid if it is 50% done, and can ignore payment if it's less than 50% done. I will be showing previews before continuing, to make sure the customer is still wanting the work.
  • Bugs: Graphics errors of my works (mainly related to act errors) will be fixed freely as many times as wanted. Edits and additions are not considered errors. If there is a serious bug, customer can ask for a refund.
  • Author's rights: You may redistribute the work if you want, but you are not allowed to resell it (though you can use it as a donation gift in your server if you please as long as you pay the fee). Credits should be given. Keep in mind that original works are copyright'ed.
Payment information:

  • Payment: It must be done through PayPal to the next address:

  • Tips: They can be done if you wish and that would make me happy
  • Extra payment: You may pay an extra payment if you wish to get extra edits for your work (such as a recolor pack or a fourth addition)
  • Usual customer: If you plan to purchase regularly my works, future works may get cheaper.
  • Priority works: In case you want your work in less than three days (making the max period 72 hours after I accepted the work) you have to pay 20% more of the work price. However, you may also get your work before three days without paying the priority service. This doesn't apply to big requests (such as mobs, outfits, etc.)
RO Graphics prices (approximate):

  • Headgears: 70$
  • Animated headgears: 100$
  • Mid-Low Headgears: 40$
  • Hairstyles: 70$
  • Weapons/Shields: 40$
  • Set (All Equip except mid and low headgears): 120$
  • Poring-type mobs: 70$
  • Pack of 5 items (up to two recolors of each one of them): 25$
  • 5 auras: 50$
  • 1 NPC: 25$
  • 5 NPC's: 100$
  • Act fixes (of a work that doesn't belongs me): 10$
  • 5 recolors: 5$
  • 10 palettes: 20$
  • Exclusive permission for material selling in a private server: 50$
  • Job sprite (from 29th Jun): 600$
  • Mob (from 29th Jun): Depending on size (100$-500$)
  • Other pixel-art-related works (not related to RO): Contact me
RO Maps (only high-detailed maps with custom content):

  • 50x50: 150$
  • 100x100: 300$
  • 150x150: 450$
  • 200x200: 600$
  • Mapping help: Contact me
Usual customers pricing:

  • Regular Headgear purchase: 10% discount on any purchase. This choice means that you will be purchasing regularly (at least for one month) my works (at least three works). This is made for servers who want a regular income of exclusive custom sprites, ideal for innovating servers.
  • Users' Dolls Crafting: This service is based on one of my friend's idea to make dolls based on his users characters (screenshot needed). Prices will have discount depending on the number of dolls purchased (since the designs are similar, the prices are lower). The normal price is 70$ per doll (I will need 70$ and a screenshot of the user character to make a doll based on it). The server staff can offer this exclusive and unique doll charging +70$ (so they will get the money to pay me for the doll crafting plus an amount of money for themselves). In this case, max delivery time is 1 week.
  • Private exclusive service: I will work for you exclusively during a period of time (which ends when one of us wants to stop paying/working), charging depending on the amount of hours I work (30$ per hour). Your requests will be my first and unique priority. Keep in mind that I won't be part of your staff, rather I will just be a temporary RO-graphics designer.
  • Fixing services: Usually RO graphics works are bugged and need some fixes. You can contact me for that. Fixes can be done on sprites as well as maps.
  • Exclusive permission to sell my collection works: If you want to use my collection works as donation items, you can do it after paying 50$ to me, the author. This permission given applies to my made-from-scratch works and +30% original works. You will be listed among those people who can sell my works IN their server, their current or future one (it's not allowed to sell them to other servers).
Usually I design myself, but in case there is a serious problem, my associate will finish the work. His skills are my skills, and his works are previously reviewed by myself.

For hire
You can contact me in order to hire me for your server, although you should know I will immediately leave your server if you aren't making enough money. I won't charge per design/hours, but a % of server's income. The idea is to enhance the server's customs and vanity items, as well as maps, in order to make money as well as develop the server itself. I'm looking for a server with high-population and premium items.

Personal info:
Age: 19 years old
Location: Madrid, Spain
Nationality: Spanish
Time zone: GMT+1
Studies: Pharmacy studies in college (currently)
Languages: English, Spanish (native)

RO experience:
- Started playing RO in 2004.
- Started as a spriter in 2006 working for private servers.
- Joined RUNE community and promoted to moderator in 2007 (closed in 2009).
- Promoted to eA Graphics Moderator in 2009.
- Created in 2008 (closed in 2009).
- Created the Spriting Academy (Spanish) in 2011.
- Promoted to eA Global Moderator in 2011.
- Overall, created more than 100 designs, which many of them are original.
- Good relations with many server administrators as well as RO communities.

RO Artist experience:
- 5 years Pixel Art / 2D animation experience.
- 4 years mapping experience (not as active as a spriter).
- Good experience working with TGA images (32 bits sprites, auras, etc.).


hey im interested in your servicing


Then contact me lol (send me a PM for example).


Due to recent problems, non-regular customers will have to pay first. Do NOT even dare to talk to me if you don't have money ready! lol.

Ah well, seriously, prepare yourself before asking me to make sprites or maps. I'm not upset with people who eventually don't want to buy the stuff I was going to make for them for a reason, what annoys me is losing my time waiting for slow people with 92942949 problems with their banks, paypal accounts, and casual thieves.

On the other hand, please, learn to speak English. I don't like to wait an hour to get a 10-words reply. I'm nearly always busy, but I must say I've been busier lately.

So I believe this is fair enough.