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Bisquera Studios - Video Editing & Advertising


Nowadays, everybody is capable of running their own Ragnarok server. The question is how do you get people to play in your server?

The answer is through advertising! Bisquera Studios is here to help you with your video advertising needs!

We make videos for your server which is custom made to fit your style and theme.

We use the best editing software's to give you the best quality possible.

Contact Details:

◘ Available! ( as of 8/30/2018 )
◘ Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwl9vavXLdZf3Pg0bG375oQ/
◘ Discord: PRANS#4376
◘ Emai: [email protected]
◘ Message Us Here!

Services Offered:

◘ Video Editing
◘ Video Advertising
◘ Promotional Videos


◘ Promotional Videos - prices start at $25 (may change depending on the difficulty & project work load)
◘ In-Game Event Video Coverage - prices start @ $25 for 2 videos. (Perfect for Anniversaries, WoE & Special Events)


◘ Played Ragnarok since 2003
◘ All videos are rendered in HD @ 1080p 60FPS
◘ We upload your videos on Youtube within 24-48hrs after recording
◘ We use Adobe After Effects & Premiere Pro
◘ All videos are CUSTOM made. There will be NO copy of it.
◘ Prices are Negotiable!


◘Bisquera Studios is not using any pre-made videos or intros that you commonly see on most servers.
◘We do not create slide show type intros that are full of boring words and letter animations; it is simply not video editing.

Here are some of our most recent projects
(click to show/hide)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2JQsYi6eYSE




New collab with Play ROPS!
Thank you for trusting Bisquera Studios

(click to show/hide)https://youtu.be/YI_bBggnuzI


Are you still available?


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