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AnthonyL - Graphic Designs
« on: Jan 10, 2015, 12:32 am »
Welcome to my personal graphic designs

NOTE: Payment first - It is beneficial for both parties to avoid any conflict in the future. I will start the project once I receive 50% of the agreed price and the rest of the 50% after I have finished the work. I will provide the links for the download after receiving the money. As for refunds, I will issue them if the workload is too much or too hard but refunds don't apply to those to cancel orders.

I will provide screengrabs of any progress to keep you updated on the project and also to change the design to your personal liking. I will have watermarks on top of the design to avoid any theft of my work. Please be active on Skype/email if you want my full co-operation.

Contact information:
- Skype: AnthonyLDesign (preferred)
- Email: [email protected]
- Current portfolio: http://s1058.photobucket.com/user/anthonylgfx/profile/

What you will need to make a request:
- References to which designs you would like,
- If applies; stocks, logos etc
- A general idea on what the design needs to look like (color scheme, type, etc)
- Paypal account
- ANZ/Westpac (if in Australia)

  • Banner (Can do animated)
  • Logo designs
  • Display pictures
  • Forum signatures
  • Requests

Recent work:
Backgrounds are not included, those are just for presentation purposes only unless requested. Templates will be sent in both PNG and PSD for customization (will need Photoshop). If you do not have photoshop, I will lower the price and only send the PNG with customization for your liking.

Assassin's Creed themed Sig&DP
(click to show/hide)

Customizable signature templates
(click to show/hide)

Character sprite forum sig
(click to show/hide)

Guild forum badge/sig
(click to show/hide)
I've also done a few logos and sigs for clients and I'm currently in the process of making a banner for a server. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post them because I've already handed them over to the owners. But I might get them to write or quote a review.

As you can see I don't have a lot of projects done but I show time and effort into my work and I look forward to hearing from you guys soon.

I used some content that wasn't mine (emblem). I do not intend to use it for sales, only for example for templates.

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Re: AnthonyL - Graphic Designs
« Reply #1 on: Jan 10, 2015, 04:51 pm »
Topic approved.  I have to say standard practice should be 50% payment before and 50% payment after work is done, user please be advised of the payment term.

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Re: AnthonyL - Graphic Designs
« Reply #2 on: Jan 11, 2015, 04:14 am »
I recommend Anthony to anyone interested in graphic creations. I used his services and was very happy with result he provided. He was informing me about any progress he made and I could decide in which way the work should continue. The price was acceptable and I can not figure out anything bad in choosing him for my needs. Thanks again Anthony.
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