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Started by adhelle, Apr 02, 2013, 08:34 AM

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Hello there!

I used to be the administrator of NFRO and later LuminaRO. Now I'm offering my services as a freelance coder and maybe invite a designer to partner up with me so we could offer design+flux integration service in a single pack for customers. Although I have made graphics stuff before, I do not vouch for my own graphic skills and it also takes me too much time, making it not so worthy for me. I'm skilled in PHP, JS, SQL and C. Also I have always done excellent work in NPC material for the servers I worked.


FluxCP integration from PSD file:   100$-200$ depending on complexity of design.

FluxCP integration from HTML / CSS:   20$-100$ depending on complexity of design.

Custom modules for FluxCP (custom rankings, etc.):  Starting on 15$ depending on complexity.

Custom NPCs: Starting on 5$ depending on complexity.

Source mods: Starting on 5$ depending on complexity.

Custom Web Stuff on PHP: Starting on 25$ depending on complexity

Other stuff: contact me!

Portfolio & Clients

LuminaRO ( WebDesign, Flux integration and shop search module (, most of NPCs and source mods.
SeireiteiRO ( - Fixing issues with their donation system.
StrikeRO ( - Converting PSD design to FluxCP Integration. News module. BG & WoE Status.

Contact Information:

Email: [email protected]
Gtalk: [email protected]
Skype: adhelle

P.S.: I only accept payments via paypal or pagseguro.


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Quick responses, professionalism, doing the job right, and at a cost-efficient price.

Need I say more? Anything coding related come see Adhelle


Do you have YM? or skype.


amazing coder from the works ive seen @ lumina. I highly recommend for all of your RO needs.




Thank you guys for the feedback :) Very appreciated.

Arcadia, I added my skype to contact list! =) I don't use msn/ym though.


Added new client on portfolio :  strikeRO

Plus, I'm now available :)


I recommend Adhelle she coded our site very well + active support and she will not stop until you get what you want... when i check the code its very clean and safe, and you can easily understand how she do it...

She gave me a preview like only for 2 days, and then she went busy because of her exam (its done already) and i understand so we wait ^.^ if you really want someone to code your PSD contact her <3 she is so lovely.

Looking forward to work with you again <3,


sent you something on your inbox


Hello Adhelle,

If you are interested in a part-time/full-time position as a developer for , do send me a message.