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Prices for my services depend on the complexity level of the sprite/map.
I reserve the rights to re-sell my work.

 /lv Services /lv
Headgear Sprites
NPC Sprites
Mob Sprites
Hair Style Sprites
Sprite Recolors
Act Fixes

Services I Do Not Provide

Pornographic material
Anything relating racism, child and animal abuse
Class Sprites
Weapon sprites
3D Model conversions
Website Designs

Payment Information

I accept PayPal.
Once I have taken your order, I will present you with a rough draft.
Once a rough draft has been shown, the full payment is required before continuation.

For further questions or concerns regarding my services, feel free to contact me through my Discord channel, which is the best way to reach me.

You have some really impressive works! I especially like your drawings <3 (may get one later).
I would love to see your updated version of balloon headgear sprites soon! Keep up the amazing work =D.

Someone likes Onegai My Melody ;o

I got some work done from her and its amazing. Always better than what i expected. Looking forward to getting more projects from Adel.

- Elysium RO

@Yukino: Thank you very much, that means alot~  /kis2 and yeah I still haven't gotten to work on the balloons yet since I have been busy, but I have alot planned ahead~

@Triper: Yeah xD I love anything that's cute and pink /ok

@Armani: Thanks so much~ I loved working on all your projects, they were so much fun :)


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