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Started by Xantara, Aug 29, 2011, 09:54 PM

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Thank you for the response. c:

I've sent you an offline message, so please just let me know whenever you can talk about it~


Xantara has done an awesome job all together. Not only is she always responsive, but she is also very flexible and understanding. I am very pleased with her professionalism and she is definitely worth every penny. I must say, I am very pleased with her work and how she worked with my designer, as well. The fact that she can adapt and work well with a few people was quintessentially enough to make me re-hire her in the future if need be. The other qualities she has are just the cherry on top.

We are in the coding stage right now and I am very excited for the final product. I will definitely update this review.

Thanks for everything so far Xantara,
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DivinityRO 6.9 coming soon!


Thanks for the reviews, Califlower and fallenone. They are much appreciated =)


- Created a WoE Flag system for CavaleRO's website [ View Here | Or Here ]

- Currently coding DivinityRO's website


hello Xantara, may i ask do u have just for sell code design?? because i paid for "Pixel Dev" $145, but he only  give me theme and he was gone for almost 1 month...  so.. do u have just for sell " Code design", if have, i will send u my theme to  help me code it..


Hi donkeyg,

I do provide coding services. However, my slots are full for website coding for this week. And since finals are starting the week after, I, unfortunately, will not be available till the end of December. I'm really sorry that I won't be able to help you as I feel bad that you in this situation. I sincerely hope you find a coder!

- [Xantara]


....... pleaseeeee xantara!!!!!!!!!!!! T___________T i cant find any coder already...

Chemical Crush

Quote from: donkeyg on Dec 02, 2011, 05:36 AM
....... pleaseeeee xantara!!!!!!!!!!!! T___________T i cant find any coder already...

Please don't harass her about coding your website, around this time of year is really busy for schools / exams.  So she doesn't have the time.  You can always post something in the Paid Services looking for a coder.


donkeyg, if you are willing to wait until December 20, I can help you then. I understand there seems to be a lack of (website) coders, but I really do not have the time. I hope you understand and I really do feel bad for leaving you in this position. Good luck anyhow!

Chemical Crush, thank you for posting and helping assist with this matter. =)

As for an update, I have edited my status to unavailable. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused to anyone.

EDIT: For those that have paid for my services, they are still being worked on and will be finished by the deadline we have agreed upon. Don't worry =P


- I'm baaaaaack! Updated status on the first page and subtitle
- Fixed the Server Status Module link in my CP Addon examples
- Updated script and source modification (free) download links to port to rAthena
- Updated the "About Me" section
- Added DivinityRO as an example of my website coding work. More info below.


- DivinityRO Website - Coded and Designed - FluxCP Integrated
----- View the coded website either here or here
----- Features added: Content Management System, Server Status Module
----- Features added:  Automatic WoE Schedule and Standings sidebar, Automatic KoE Schedule and Standings sidebar
----- Features added: IPB integrated news, Automatic Item Shop slider
----- Basically, little to no extra maintenance for these custom additional features!

- ZephyRO Website - Bug Fixes and Add-ons
----- Fixed several code bugs for ZephyRO's website (including an automatic player and guild of the month)
----- Also changed their code so that CashPoints where given when donated instead of Donation Credits
----- Integrated a website poll onto thier site

- I will soon be replying to emails that I have recieved during my haitus. If you do not recieve a reply by tomorrow night (-7 GMT), please PM me on the forums.
- Site is still under-construction xD;


I just wanted to say, Xantara is amazzzinnngg~!

She fixed, well, practically coded our entire website after we received a broken and incomplete code from another coder. She fixed everything, and so much more! <3 Our website is superb now, and we couldn't have had it done so perfectly without her. She is well worth any amount and I look forward to using her services in the future!


I'll have to remind you, any "add-on" should not be promoted here as a stand alone product.  Because they are pre-made products that does not pass the sectional guidelines.  So far I have treated them as options to you CP integration, unless you want to tell me otherwise.  Maybe some part in your previous post regarding the v4p can be removed to avoid trouble  ::).  Thank you.


Thank you, Aurora, for your review. Although I did do several bug fixes, I didn't really recode you're site =p

yC, urgh, can't believe I did it again (I seriously don't mean to do this). I edited my previous post for now but I'll also take out the other references to the addon examples in the morning. In any case, I extremly appreciate your fair and generous warning in regards to this instance.

Edit: Thanks yC, I've taken out all instances of "addons" from my posts. I've made a mistake and I'll take the consequence for it =)


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Yes, I am still available but talking with a few other possible clients. If you want to inquire about my services further, feel free to email me or add me on MSN. Contact details are on the first post. Thanks~ =)


i like your work sir i want to get one of your work