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Author Topic: [Recruitment] Fanfic writer for server storyline  (Read 1442 times)

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[Recruitment] Fanfic writer for server storyline
« on: Sep 13, 2014, 11:06 pm »

Attn: Rate My Server moderators,
I understand that some of the requirements for a Paid Listing is the server name, rates, etc. however that is for the servers that are pretty much ready for players. I am not, everything is still in development and months away from going public. Part of getting ready is looking for someone to help with the storyline which brings me here. I kindly ask that you do not delete this thread.

With that said; (if this is still here, *hopes*)

This is going to be for a well funded, highly customized, unique server.

I am looking for someone who has/had experience writing fanfiction for RO.

The server is going to have a storyline and then an artist from DeviantArt is going to make a color mini-comic/manga based on your writing.

This will obviously be an on going project since the storyline is going to be developing.
I will make payments via PayPal for every chapter or X number of words etc..

If you are picked: you will be part of the staff, and be given a GM account and be made a forum Moderator (if you want).

*-*-*-* How To Apply *-*-*-*

Send me a PM containing:

    Your Name
    links to your writings (ff.net, etc, or attached as a .txt / .doc / .pdf)
    skype (If you have one)
    email address

Lastly: The server is under development and will not be going public anytime soon (As I an the only one working on everything) BUT it is online (for testing) and you can be on it if you want with your GM (or player account).

The web based client robrowser is avalible as well as the normal one.


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Re: [Recruitment] Fanfic writer for server storyline
« Reply #1 on: Sep 29, 2014, 09:36 am »
Topic approved, sorry for the delay.