TaeKwon Stances

Started by Usagimimi, May 01, 2011, 09:43 PM

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Can they be dispelled?

-> Prepare Whirlwind Kick
-> Prepare Axe Kick
-> Prepare Round Kick
-> Prepare Counter Kick
-> Prepare Flying Side Kick



Didn't think so.

Thanks <3

Now I can save skill points :O


can be dispelled via Tarot Card of Fate
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That's fine though. I'm PvM, so that's no bother at all :P


I'm pretty sure I'm going to get yelled at for saying this but you should give BG a try with taek ranker, at least to get the very powerful MoH to be better at PvM. I have enough badges to buy about 3 MoHs and to be honest I also BG to get stuff for my other chars to PvM. Tierras are kind of boring I'll admit, but deathmatches are awesome (and that's coming from someone who truly hated PVP). Aetha is due to close anyday now so maybe you should give it a quick try. Also, some chars aren't fun to BG with at all. Like don't bring a priest/dancer/non AD crea along unless you want to die of boredom. Crea is fine once you can buy a gazillion bottles with the badges. Usually people BG at night till 1 AM my time. Oh and given that I have one of the best ratios as a Sin X (1.025) that means that lots of BG players are utterly sucky because I'm not that good so anyone can get a few kills in. That's why BG is better than PVP because you have to make do with the team you're in but at least they have your back. It's a suggestion, that's it. I hated my first BG and swore to never ever do that again so I'll completely understand if you don't want to give it another chance.


I hate PvP, GvG, BG, etc.

I play RO for grinding :P and if I need a BG item, too bad, I'm already good at PvM and can kill practically anything. Not going to MvP so it's rather unnecessary.


Cannot be dispelled by skills rather than tarot card of faith