i need help for my gunslinger

Started by juntann, Apr 16, 2012, 01:26 AM

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what is the best type for pvp ?

can i possibly kill trans job ?

any leveling guides or tips ?

gears for pvp? (include even if it is a mvp card)

skill and stat build?


Yes Yes and Yes.. you can kill a trans job.. My recommendation is desperado and rapid shower build.. easy revolver build.. the best weapon is Wasteland's Outlaw [2].. you could equip it with hydra or orc skeleton card or others that's suited your style.. /ho .. try leveling in crowded aggressive place like abbey dungeon or etc.. for gears to pvp.. you might need to mix and match your style.. for me it's ullie cap and odin blessing + slotted sohee with shoe card or matyr card /no1


cracker is an EXTREMELY important skill for gunslinger in pvp, and is the only useful skill you can use while wearing a sheild. essential for chasing down wizards and the like when you switch to sheild and 75% range resist. but it tends to be bugged by default in eathena and not do anything vs players.

in pvp room perhaps dex/agi can be ok, but flee is not gonna be very helpful in bg or woe. pvm use is also very limited. to merit an agi build, you must have access to glorious grenade launcher for use with tracking and triple action.
dex/vit/int build is almost always superior for... everything. just use soldiers revolver for 190 desperado, even when pvming.
dex/vit solo pvms far faster than agi as well. just max full buster, upgrade a gatekeeper-DD, and oneshot half the monsters in the game
the only pvm gear choice is vali's set with ulles cap, succubus/incubus cards. use gloves if you can't reach dex bonus with base stats, otherwise use eye rings with plasma or other loots cards.

the main place you can really solo mob with desperado is geffen dungeon2. at higher levels with a party you can trash skeggiolds with cursed water, or even juperos if your gear has strong upgrades.
mvping you will have problems, as while full buster can sometimes outdamage snipers, you cannot hitlock or hit minions at the same time. to use desperado safetywall is required. with dancer/bard/safety wall party you can desperado kill atroce in 20 seconds or so. bring ALOT of bullets.
get used to using RCX so you know where desperado is hitting, even when position lagged.
gunslinger can hold its own against most trans classes, abusing diagonal range that exceeds snipers when necessary, and can even be reasonably effective in woe2 if you are good. you can generally tank AD with bg set and sheild switch in 1v1 situations, the toughest enemies to beat are champs and sinx. in fact, fighting these two classes is the reason I wrote my PvP mercenary AI in the first place. if you fight vanilmirth on a server dumb enough to not make them demihuman, winning is impossible unless they have a bad AI and are really really dumb.