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Started by paolosniper1, Sep 01, 2012, 09:20 PM

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im farming for credits in a room where monsters hp is like 100k  what equips do you prefer to me i got a book w/ 3 civil cervant card because the monster here is ghost property but not MVP :) my warmth of the sun only dmgs 1.4k ea how can i increase it? :D


By using a skill called "hatred", endow ghost property with mild wind. And re-read all the skill descriptions on star gladiator. Remember to balance out str dex and luk for damage. Lastly, taekwon classes are stronger if there are more party members in the map, open as many clients as you can in the map, or just get friends.


heat misses consume 10 sp while hits consume 2 sp. therefore, if you still miss the target, luk is useless.