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Author Topic: star gladiator build 250/90 stat n equips  (Read 8156 times)

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star gladiator build 250/90 stat n equips
« on: Jul 11, 2009, 12:30 pm »
i recently play star gladiator n addicted to it
but on my server, no one gonna tell me how to build this job

max lv 250 max job 90 max stat 255

my stat currently

str 255
agi +-170 ( i just add it until aspd 190)
dex 30 (just to make hit n not miss)
vit +- 125 ( it's the rest)

well, do i have to put luk or int? does critical attack effect much on SG?

i purposely not wearing any weapon to gain more spurt n skill bonuses, does it good?

and what kind of equip should i wear? i'm aiming for pvp n woe battle..

thx before