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Author Topic: Soul Linker Help!  (Read 4317 times)

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Soul Linker Help!
« on: Oct 25, 2009, 07:45 am »
I would like to know some soul linker builds like what skills to get as a taekwon and what stats and skills to get as a Soul Linker. And any other information i need to know would be appreciated.

Thanks. frozepls


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Re: Soul Linker Help!
« Reply #1 on: Oct 25, 2009, 08:13 am »
Where are you planning to use your soul linker? PvM, PvP, WoE etc

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Re: Soul Linker Help!
« Reply #2 on: Oct 25, 2009, 09:39 am »

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Re: Soul Linker Help!
« Reply #3 on: Oct 25, 2009, 09:50 am »
Main damage dealer will be esma

Straightforward build:
5x-6x-7x VIT
9x INT
7x-8x DEX

there are also agi/esma builds and stuff.. but meh, that's only if you play on slightly lower rates and can't afford to pot.

There's not really much to skillbuild, just max esma

make sure you get:
Tumbling, sprint, leap, kaupe, kaizel, kaahi.. and kaite but magic's not really so dreadful in PvM. (well depends what mob you face)
rest of points can be invested in spirits, or es-skills.

..can't say I've played alot of soullinker, esp PvM.. but it shouldn't be that hard, just estun/estin and esma.
I've also seen players who MvP'd with soullinkers but there are better options for that, imo.
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Re: Soul Linker Help!
« Reply #4 on: Oct 25, 2009, 02:13 pm »
If I knew more about your server I'd give better advice, here's some B.S. I'll throw out here to pretend I'm helpful.

As a Soul Linker, you can't use the Taekwon kicks, so don't bother getting them.  (The exception is Flying Side Kick, which is a prereq to getting Tumbling/Break Fall)

Instead, feel free to max Running, High Jump, get all of Warm Wind and Break Fall.  Level all the way to 50, and spend surplus job points into Peaceful/Enjoyable Rest because hey, why not.

You have a lot of skills and very little skill points, so it's acceptable and understandable to make some tradeoffs.  Less links for more Ka-buffs is an example, and one I usually take if the server has a resetter.

If you're PvMing, you actually have two choices for offense: Esma or Dagger of Counter.

Esma Bolter:

1 STR (Arguably, you could toss a few points in here to hold more stuff, but eh.)
1 AGI (Unneeded, your Flee is pathetic and there's no need for ASPD)
X Vit (Pick as much as you feel comfortable with.)
9x Int (I like getting 98 so my base Int without any goodies is 110, but lower is perfectly fine.)
X Dex (Esma has a 2 second cast time, so 75 is just fine.  Go lower or higher depending on how much Vit you want)
1 Luk (100% useless)

Just remember that if you're getting hit significantly, you're probably doing something wrong.  Personally, I go lower on Vit and get more Dex, but those three stats (Int/Dex/Vit) are all you really need.  Some builds use Agi but they're more exotic and I personally don't like them.

You'll get Sage and Wizard link at level 1 each to even access Estin/Estun/Esma.  That's 23 stat points tossed away for just them.  The rest is up to personal preference, I get Kaina because using less SP is always good.  Eswoo is helpful when keeping enemies away from you so you can do the Esma setup easier.  Consider getting links with people you'll be partying with (Priests have a strange fetish for their link, and if you find Crusaders/Paladins who are into shield build, they can be a friend forever.

Dagger of Counter:

High Str (more damage more damage go go go)
High Agi (Fast damage fast damage go go go)
Med Int (You want Int so you can cast more buffs and so Kaahi lasts longer.)
Low Vit (You don't need max HP, Kaahi will heal you)
Low Dex (you'll be critting, so dex isn't as important to hit.)
No Luk (Your crit is already hilarious.)

I have never personally used this build (because I don't usually get to the point in a server where I own a Dagger of Counter), but that build right there is a solid approximation of what you're wanting.  The idea here is you're going to do fast criticals with Dagger of Counter, and use Warm Wind to change your element so you can kick donkey faster.

The practical upshot to this is that Esma isn't your primary offense, so there's about 20 or so skill points you can invest in other things.  The downside is your SP pool is pitiful.  Max Kaina to take the edge off.  You'll want to have Kaahi, definitely, to increase survivability while you're poking things to death from a distance, links to support friends, and Es skills of your choosing.  Take a mixture and pick what seems handy to you.

Now, in terms of MvPing, you're actually not 100% pointless to carry around.  First of all, get married and Kaizel your partner, preferably a priest.  There, that's a fairly solid safeguard against a wipe, good job.  Next, look at the Es skills you don't really use when soloing.  Eske can be used if you're flee or safety-wall tanking the MvP for a quick half-def.  If you have an ice pick user, perhaps Eska can boost the soft Def of the MVP (if it has a low stat in this, otherwise you may make jobs harder.  Do your homework first.) for more damage.  Eswoo doesn't last nearly as long on MvPs, only about 1 second when maxed, but that's one second of breathing room there.

All this doesn't mention the fact you're a free, instantly supply of links for your party.  SLs can be a helpful utility during MvPs, you just need to experiment a little bit.