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Author Topic: Star Gladiator LR Emp Breaking Build, need help  (Read 16941 times)

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Offline sumit111124

Star Gladiator LR Emp Breaking Build, need help
« on: Sep 22, 2010, 03:28 am »
Here is my current build and equips,

str  83 + 17
agi  40 + 14
vit  92 +  5
int    1 +  2
dex 28 +  8
luk  20 +  2

Headgear    : Feather Beret
                   Sunglasses [1] w/ Vanberk Card [+2 str]
Shield         : Valkyrja's Shield [1] w/ Thara Frog card
Armor         : Mink Coat [1] w/ Marc Card [hidden enchant +3 vit]
Weapon      : +6 Book [3] w/ 2 orc skeleton 1 Desert wolf, [Rarely find this book]
Manteau     : Manteau [1] w/ Raydric [I hate those asuras :(]
Boots         : Boots [1] w/ Verit [I have not yet got a +9 boots, so no firelock]
Accessory 1: Glorious Popularized Ring [+2 all stats] [Thanks to the server, they have this ring, obtainable via a custom Novice Quest]
Accessory 2: Ring [1] w/ Errende Ebecce Card

As you all know, but here goes, Pre requisites are not included in the list, cuz if i have the skill which has a pre requisite, it means i already have the pre requisite skills, LOL I wrote pre requisite too many times.
Kihop lvl 5
Solar Wrath lvl 3
Shadow/Demon lvl 10,
Union lvl 1,
And Ofcourse, Warm Wind lvl 7,

I dont know any other skills which should be mentioned in the above list.

Custom: Party capacity is a max of 20 players, I hope it does give the necessary kihop effect.

Server Rates: 8x/8x/8x

This is my first star gladiator, so I just wanted to know whether its good build or not.

The WoE in my server is full of action. Each guild has almost all the classes required in WoE. With Dancer spamming Scream, and Clowns with Frost Joke, to Creators with AD Spam[DAmn the Bragi >:0]
Anyways, so, you pretty much have a basic idea of the server. So now, I need help, I maybe wrong in some aspects of my build, so I need to refine it perfectly. And for that, I need the help of you guys.

Thank you. :D


Offline kolela

Re: Star Gladiator LR Emp Breaking Build, need help
« Reply #1 on: Sep 30, 2010, 01:15 am »
No matter what job, you should get smokie card at least.
Learn to hide dodge those asura + ruwach.

Book[3] are from creamy fear in prontera dungeon castles.
Or if you are desperate enough... make acolyte, get priest job change quest when you are job level 40 - 49 not 50.
If you have friend tanking anubis (with heal, ygg leaf, or grand cross mace), I bet the whole aco process thingy only took 15 - 25 minutes.
Or make mage job 50 go sage? >_>

I've just remembered, just try to slot those elemental books. They are level 3 weapon (book is level 2) and same 3 slot.
The elements does not matter because you have warm wind.
Or ledger of the death?

use battle ground equips (swordman set or KvM) if they are exist.
use food (+7 vit, +8 str, etc) if you want to invest them. Then rebuild your stat.

Shadow/Demon, are you editing data folder / grf files? I don't think it's a good idea to get blind. You don't know what s*** hits you.

ehm, clearing myself here...
so your only job is breaking emperium limited up to 3 castles (unless you are kicking). When your guild is defending, you have no use?
I don't think star gladiator is that useful on woe.
if your server is full of action, you don't need to worry about emperium breaker specialist job,
if you bring friends, it's more practical to have safe ground on emper room (eliminate all enemies or at least the dangerous ones),  then you don't need emp breaker specialist >_>
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Offline sumit111124

Re: Star Gladiator LR Emp Breaking Build, need help
« Reply #2 on: Sep 30, 2010, 06:54 am »
I dont get it what you meant by limited upto 3 castles.

And when defending, I use my warmth skills near the 1-cell area helps me drain SP of my opponents, sometimes I Fly kick at proffs,mostly, so that they dont cast LP. And also some other stuffs.

Yes I do have a smokie card, i forgot to mention that. The only thing is, i can evade a ruwach asura when the champ is far away, but when he is near me, I cant time it write.  :'(
And I never thought about vit food, hmm.. I should try those.

Thanks for the help... :D

Offline kolela

Re: Star Gladiator LR Emp Breaking Build, need help
« Reply #3 on: Sep 30, 2010, 07:25 am »
That's what I meant, warmth only limited on 3 places ._.
Anyway, so you can stick with someone (giving him warmth xD) for 3 - 4 sec? How fast you drain sp?
I am sure sometimes someone want to rape you during that time.
Oh, the hiding part, practice it with your friend with like 1 sp or something.
Hmm, my mind is not working well. just use your common sense if I wrote weird things.
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Offline sumit111124

Re: Star Gladiator LR Emp Breaking Build, need help
« Reply #4 on: Sep 30, 2010, 07:35 am »
the server has @feelreset, so i can use warmth everywhere. :D