should i go perma taekwon or star...

Started by FallsFool, May 16, 2007, 04:30 PM

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i'm playing a low rate server... so heres my question, which of tis 2 is much better overall... with perma i can get 3xhp mp n all skill max... but wit star i can sacrifice star's skill n learn all the kicks too... n as a 2nd job, should star get a better hp/mp n dmg than taekwon... i'm not sure about tis cause tis is my 1st time playing taekwon... need help pls...


Star is gonna be more easy to lvl in a low rate server

A perma taekwon on a low-rate server is a pain to lvl up with.


A TK ranker 90+ is really easy to level, you just have to get there ^_^
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I agree with Pandora on this one, If you can manage to be a ranker and hit 90+ Then your better of with TK.
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Star Glad  is NOT going to have better hp/sp than a ranker Ever. Not even with tao gunka.  Star glad=higher damage output(if built correctly.. 90% of builds even on official servers seem to suck and the info on official forums is mostly wrong) and Ranker=Tankyness and a steady flow of support damage. Ranker will be easier to lvl and requires much less gear but you need to stay ranked. If you plan to play it seriously.. it must be your main char. If you drop off the rank it can be hard to get back on.


Kurogasa is right. I jumped on a new low rate and blasted through for top Ranker position at 6 points. From there on, level like crazy and watch the ranks. Stop doing missions only if you think you have a decent cushion of points. Once you hit 90, things get so much easier, including your missions.