[Renewal] Gunslinger Tracking: How to no Cast Delay

Started by tCDeatH, Aug 15, 2013, 10:25 PM

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.. Please Make a Guide on how to use Tracking w/o Cast Delay ..  /ok


Just find the skill_cast_db.txt files in your db/re folder and search for tracking:

The bolded number is the aftercast delay.


i cant find it.. xD ..

-- Imma playing dreamer ro .. a high rate server


-100% cast time[berz, ctm, di, etc] and max aspd should work for that since the after-cast delay of it is limited by your aspd.

Yeah, the skill says that nothing changes his cast time but the rifle from bg cuts it by 25% and other -% cast do the same at pservers[dunno how this is at officials aside the bg weapon that I know that it works there] or at least it used to be like that in the past when I had fun with guns.