Outpotting Union of Sun, Star, Moon

Started by Aeroskye, Jun 27, 2015, 06:26 PM

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How do you outpot 2% per hit of warmth due to Union while taking damage from strong monsters like Morroc Shadow? Is it easy to do? Sorry, but I haven't tested, still in the process of getting gears for SG.

I know Kaahi is a relief, but I doubt it can still be helpful enough for us to successfully pot.


If you don't mob a lot [3-5 mobs is fine from my tests over the years but ofc that it depends on what you're doing], it will be more than enough with the right gears. The only problem is that without a Dracula card you will hate the SP consumption [you can always go with a Prof by your side or have the married SL that will Kaahi you to refill your SP but it's not the same as with a Dracula or pots because you can't kill and teleport to the next target].


The probability of me ending up with a Dracula is next to nothing. I'll have to rely on ranked white slims and blue pots. Any clue at what rate will I be consuming them? I am not planning on taking more than 3 ever....

Any range of the above mentioned potion consumption rate per hour?


You can always use a Rideword Hat if it's available, it's not perfect but it will reduce the usage of them. I only ignored it because it isn't available in every single server.

Rate per hour dunno but it can be quite intensive, I remember I would use like 100-200 blues each time I would use the SG link. Whites no clue, never cared about them with Kaahi.


So upto 200 Blue Pots, and don't really require white pots if you have Kaahi? Takes care of Union too? Sounds good. 200 Pots...is about 2k pots an hour...considering the buffing time losses.


And there's no rideword hat :/
Also, were those normal blues or ranker?


Ranker but even if they're not, you should be fine.

Angels - I don't advice to do more than 1-2 at the same time and always with a bathory on because of the dark gc [always careful with them, they do good damage and can kill you before you notice]
Undeads - bathory on because of that hp steal skill [if you mob, having mobs spamming it can kill you]. Green pots may also help you.
Golems - pasana on, joke to do 3-5 at the same time [they're a joke]
Ghosts - joke since <60% hp means heal spam but if you mob too much and you lack damage, their heal spam > your killing rate and you end on a loop where nothing dies

If you need more damage you can always alt some characters at the map at the same party. Depending on the server setup, you may only need to have them in the map death at the same party.

If you've trouble doing everything, just stick to the ghosts since they're easy to do and probably the ones who will make you profit.

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If you're having trouble farming pots and Blue Pots are expensive, you could always try and farm Ygg berries/seeds if that's a possibility. From what you're saying, I assume you're playing a low-rate server.

Honestly, each time I played SG I always had Ygg seeds available. If that's not an option, marry a Linker, Kaahi yourself and possibly farm Gefenia 3 for Blue Pots (could also function as a way of zeny farming too).


There's also mastelas (sold in Hugel) for your HP pots. They're pretty much on par with condensed whites, and since you can buy them from NPCs, they're much less troublesome.

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