Started by Desivial, Dec 27, 2012, 05:28 AM

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I just want to ask

Im a Ninja lvl 91

and may current stat is



Dex 18

and i feel i made a big mistake how can i fix this ?

i want to be a throw type ninja/KS
I KNOW IM GOING TO LEVEL  but what am i  going to do with my remaining stat points?

sorry for my bad english

please reply to my post
thank you


Hello before you start a new Thread maybe wait for Answer on
this Thread!/
Good Luck to find your Build


it is better if you choose better font style. i had a hard time reading your post.
if your server offers stat/skill reset, please do reset into Int/Dex then use your magic skills.


Yes, it was really "Hard Job" to read that.


What they said and don't necro topics with 6+ months of no new topics if nothing new is gonna be added. *cleaned that mess*

Your answer is also already answered around in another topic[as in the one you necro'd] if you would just search/scroll down a bit when you posted:

As you can see there, is better to focus on HP[VIT in this case] then STR because it plays a higher role on the final dmg, 110-120 STR is enough for KS since HP gears are tons of time better then trying to get higher STR.

With the stats you've at the moment, you can still achieve a decent build that will end with 96 base VIT which will still hit 97 total VIT in the end that is anti-stun/silence which is still fine. The difference from 96 to 99 base vit isn't much to be that worried imo[it's like 100-200 difference dmg vs 50-60 def doing quick tests and this is ignoring % reduces] even if all the extra hp helps.

That dex isn't that bad too if you see the positive aspects of it, even if soul is already fast at max lv, that dex will make it faster to be cast even if not that needed.


thank you but how can i delete this please help     im a new forumer


You can't delete topics, they stay here for future reference in case someone has the same question so they can get a quick answer without the need of waiting for someone to answer.