Ninja, and something I noticed about Huuma vs Knife...

Started by ColourMageKnight, Jan 03, 2013, 10:07 PM

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Hey guys. Currently 60-somthing ninja on TRO, going for throwing. (Haha rhyme.) SO. I recently got my hands on a Giant wheel shuriken [4]. So far, it's not so good. =p but the best is yet to come for it I'm sure. Anyways, what I noticed was that when I am equipped with a Knife, I can use Shuriken throw faster in repetition with a knife. WHY?!? The skill has "None" in cooldown, so why should it matter. And also, neither weapon say anything about + or - to cast delay... Anybody think they can help me find the answer to this? Could it possibly be a glitch or something? Or am I just a little lacking on the topic of Huumas? (That's highly possible.)


It's not a glitch, it's called animation delay. When you've no aftercast delay only ASPD limits your spam so the faster aspd you've, the faster is the spam.