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Author Topic: ninja build  (Read 14072 times)

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Offline Kurogasa

Re: ninja build
« Reply #15 on: Sep 15, 2007, 01:37 pm »
well what i tried to say is, lv 10 is good with lex aeterna

well so it's always 100% damage... but if i step in the water thing, will it be 130? *.*

Nah the bonus doesnt work at all. Ice spear has no changes while in water evasion. Maybe in the future it will be fixed to work the way it was meant to but that will also nerf ice spear(dropping it down to 70% without Water Evasion).

Someone made a good point about using two elements at once so enemys couldnt guard against it well. Thats true.. the thing is fire formation isnt really a serious damage dealer in war. It is very good for slowing enemys down though... especially if they have undead armor on(they take some decent damage then). Water evasion is great for this purpose as well but your teamates get slowed by this too.. thats mainly why people choose fire formation over water evasion. If all of your teamates are in front of you though, drop water evasion in the back so you buy some time.. water evasion is also nice at the flag spawn point if an enemy guild owns the castle.

Anyway back to fire form and dual elementing. The thing is since fire form doesnt do much damage, it will still serve its purpose as a slowdown mechanism even thought youre using the same element as your damage dealer(fire dragon). Ice spear 10 would do nice damage in magic strings but consider this:

What armors do people entering a precast wear? Marc or undead. Marc has a slight resistance against water and undead would take 50% MORE damage from fire.

Also Fire dragon hits many enemys while ice spear is single target... this would help slow down people in the precast rather than just slowing down one. If someone does wear fire armor to combat your fire dragon+formation the sg will abuse them for 3 hits(doing double damage) then freeze them. Furthermore, as a ninja one of the best things you can do in a precast is to make a little Evasion water off to the side so a wiz can fire waterball at the most dangerous people who come in. You only need Water Evasion lvl 4 for a wiz to be able to use a max power waterball from it. Max waterball will most likely 1hit anyone with fire armor on.


Offline vittordevitto

Re: ninja build
« Reply #16 on: Sep 17, 2007, 12:49 pm »
yeah... it's rought to make a ninja build, there's no 100% right or wrong...

but for now i am lv 61

int 78
dex 38

got fire dragon 5, fire blosom 5, formation 7, ice spear 1 and sicada 5....

but now... i don't know what to get... to many doughts....

i think i will get lv 10 fire formatio.. but i am not really sure if i need it... ><

Offline Kurogasa

Re: ninja build
« Reply #17 on: Sep 17, 2007, 04:18 pm »
Id leave fire formation at 7 and get lvl 4 water evasion (which requires ice spear 5)  . If you ever have a Waterball wizard on your side it will be very usefull to make ammo for them. You can also use it for slowinging in cases where fire form isnt suitable.. especially if you get it to higher lvls for a larger area.

Offline vittordevitto

Re: ninja build
« Reply #18 on: Sep 18, 2007, 11:55 am »
well i plat woe with my hight wiz, so... i will leave this build oly for pvp and lving

but i agree i should get it, i may reconsider y build

Offline shinrohan

Re: ninja build
« Reply #19 on: Sep 23, 2007, 10:40 pm »
hey im lookin for the best PVP ninja i want it 2 be a magic ninja can anyone help me ?