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Author Topic: need help for star glad build and equipz.(i have the full info)  (Read 5458 times)

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Offline bizares

pls help me with my taekwon master build.
i want it to be pvp type.
max lvl on my server is 255/120. no customs. 100% drop on all items but 1% mvp cards.
no all full stats or stat seller. its a own build server. 255 is the max stat.

i happened to have 2 megs here.
i also have 2 turtle gen cards, 1inca, 1thana, 1valk rand, 1lord of death.
i have +7 book of the dead[2](i dont realy know whats the best weap).

current build:
str 210
agi 170
vit 169
int 1
dex 150
luk 1