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Author Topic: MvP Ninja? (need stats/skills build)  (Read 16838 times)

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Offline davidvoyage

MvP Ninja? (need stats/skills build)
« on: May 31, 2007, 08:58 pm »

I want my Ninja to become a MvP killing machine. No, not lvling nor PvP or WoE. But MvP ONLY. (Yeah, i want to try to get those boss cards and items).

Which type and what builds of ninja would be the best for MvP?
Discuss here.

Oh, I'm playing in a server with max lvl 500/150.  And with god items and MvP Room

Thank you.
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Offline BaNiSHeDHeLL

Re: MvP Ninja? (need stats/skills build)
« Reply #1 on: May 31, 2007, 09:27 pm »
What are the rates there?
At like 150 you should be able to kill most MvPs anyway.

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Offline davidvoyage

Re: MvP Ninja? (need stats/skills build)
« Reply #2 on: May 31, 2007, 09:56 pm »
I'm already lvl 500 and I can't kill any MvP. Because they raise MvP's HP I guess :(

Offline DragonStar

Re: MvP Ninja? (need stats/skills build)
« Reply #3 on: Dec 12, 2007, 01:42 pm »
first what kind of ninja are u? My ninja was sort of a hybrid. I had  max str, enough agi for max aspd, 100 vit, max int, 150 dex for insta cast, and i think some luck not sure <_<. Anyway man just get u a 3 slotted ashura ( +10 if possible) and throw 3 abyssal knight cards on there. If you  still cant kill then theres something wrong with u =P ... nah j/p but that should help =)

Offline RedHawk XIII

Re: MvP Ninja? (need stats/skills build)
« Reply #4 on: Dec 29, 2007, 08:47 am »
Hmm sorry to say that ninja was not designed for mvp at all--but if you want to try it anyway, you have basically 2 options (if there are god items and stuff that are customized and out of the ordinary, you may have more options; but 2 is going by standard gears)

You can:
A)Attempt to get the most insanely highest HP possible, meaning Goibne's set or Tao Gunka, amongst others which I'm sure you can figure out on your own. Upon reaching the highest possible HP, you can try to Final Strike the MvP until it dies (basically you die and come back die and come back, unless you have a ygg berry/ygg seeds--but thats a waste unless you can get them cheap)

B)Buff your M.Attk like mad and go for the full ninja magic tree and instant cast. Spam Level 10 Ice spear like mad until it dies, using Hidden water when you get the chance and casting in it. If the MvP and/or its summons are slow, you can use the Fire Formation and continuously lure the MvP and/or Mob in circles while using the AoE Raging Fire Dragon skill.

These will both be tedious and time consuming, but if you really love ninja enough to go through with it, this is how you want to go about doing so. If you want to MvP/Hunt I recommend using Snipers or Champs--Snipers are better than champs, but are boring as hell so I usually go champ lol. Remember that a ninja that doesn't use Cicada Shedding Skin or its Stone-consuming variant is not a ninja at all.

If any questions just send a PM
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Offline Infection

Re: MvP Ninja? (need stats/skills build)
« Reply #5 on: Dec 29, 2007, 01:09 pm »
Yeah right, Ninjas can rip Eddga apart at level 80, and solo.

Offline Zone

Re: MvP Ninja? (need stats/skills build)
« Reply #6 on: Dec 30, 2007, 03:37 am »
Owl Baron Card, Tao Gunka, DI/DL Combo.
Pretty much, get as much HP as you can, and Final Strike them, if ygg berries are enabled on the server, carry them with you.
That will kill most mvps.