Started by theOnewhoRecruit, Oct 11, 2011, 11:40 PM

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I just want to ask ... i have this error .. when i use Feeling SG skill then comfort oF sun .. skill failed .. also comfort of moon...


... What's the error? Gravity? Copy/paste plawks.

Some people can read those things.


Patch RO, patch RE, patch your server with Firewall and Malwarebytes disabled (if applicable)

Other solution:

Download a newer version of RO that's already pre-patched, patch it up, play.


It's not an error, he gets the failed because he doesn't know how to use the class and didn't even spent sometime to read the skills and the how to use them or even use google to search for info aka he's lazy ):

Super lazy guide to the rescue: http://forums.ro-guardian.net/topic/577097/1/

Me2lazy to type something better then that in a super small way :V


Wow Triper seriously .. ro-g?  I didn't know anyone still use that forum after it became infected with excessive ads = "unbrowsable".

Well if this isn't a client problem, moving to class specific section.


Well, it was the first thing that told what I needed from google as in explaining how the skills working.
I would typed or copy it from my dead guild's forum but I was in a super lazy mode XD